BONUS November 9th Reading!

I spent my Sunday roaming wooded areas by the Mississpi River for about 5 hours.  It was a beautiful autumn day full of sunshine, and I felt very at peace as I walked and meditated, having conversations with my “spiritual sidekicks” and looking within.  I was really tuned into the “helplessness” that many are feeling, and since I am never without a deck of cards, I decided to do a reading in the woods!  I wanted to know what would help us get back into empowerment when we are feeling down?  

This reading provides an affirmation for us about getting into good vibrations and being tuned into our emotions.  Your emotions are your roadmap for where you are spiritually.  They can tell you when you are in good vibrations, or out of alignment.  It’s like trying to tune into a radio station; you are in static, the wrong station, or in your intended station. 

The last one is the best, and that is when you feel joy, because when you are in alignment it is impossible to feel anything BUT joy.  The signals are clear, and your intuition is strong.  So, let’s work on “being in our station”, and be open to receiving good vibes.  Pay attention to your emotions; they tell you what station you are at, and whether you need to adjust the frequency.  





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