October 2015 Guidance with Archangel Metatron

If someone had told me 4 years ago that I would be communicating with spirits and angels one day, I would have berated them for making such a joke.  Yet, once I began doing it, nothing seemed strange; it felt completely normal, and I wondered why I hadn’t been doing this consciously all my life.  It felt completely natural right from the beginning, as if I had returned to something I had always known was there.

Today, however, was one of those days I had to take a breath, and embrace the “WHOA” factor; the channeling today left me in a daze, as Archangel Metatron came through.  If you don’t know him, he’s enormous.  He is one of two Archangels who once led a human life.  You may have heard of ‘Metatron’s Cube’; he uses this cube to clear away lower energies.  He holds esoteric wisdom and knowledge, and can help you understand concepts beyond our physical lives.  

When I channel, I meditate for about an hour, and make the connection.  Slowly I feel the being enter my energy (with my permission, of course), and we blend into one.  

Today, it was only 15 minutes of meditation, and within a few more Metatron was HERE.  He was in my space within 30 seconds.  It was overwhelming, and I could tell he was trying to ease me into it as best he could, because his presence is incredible.  I was recording the session, and when I played it back later, my voice had taken a deep, baritone tone (I tend to be mezzo-soprano.)  

Before any words were spoken, Metatron took me on a little journey.  I felt myself grow about 100 feet, and could look down on my house.  He first showed me my backyard, as well as my neighbors, but he showed me through HIS eyes; everything was simply swirling energy.  There was no physicality to it.  He showed me how the energy of everything is constantly moving, changing, absorbing and releasing.  Energy is always energetic.  

Then we were zooming through the galaxy.  It was CRAY-CRAY.  I looked on Earth at a distance, and it was a living, breathing organism of energy.  The energy of everything was appearing in different shades of translucent white and blue.  Moving and swirling constantly.  He even took me inside the sun.  I was curious why he was showing me all this, and he said, in a voice that simultaneously booms and whispers, “Do you see?  Do you see how everything is this energy?  It is energy first, and then it becomes physical, but the energy is always there, even when the physical disappears.”  

Then he brought me back to self.  I myself am energy, as are you; our souls are the energy behind our physical bodies.  Energy is always creating; therefore, we are always creating.  Everything created always begins as a creation within ourselves, and this is what he wanted me to understand.

He talks a lot about our ability to create, how to partner with our egos, and how to envision ourselves this month.

Here is his message:

Greetings Dear Ones.  I am Archangel Metatron.  I am here to tell you all you are is ENERGY.  Energy is flowing through you, all around you, and moving above and below.  You are already complete; you are already whole.  You are SO MAGNIFICENT.  You are SO LARGE.

So much suffering in your hearts; this I know.  But, you are healed.  You know what prevents you from healing?  It is your ATTACHMENT.  Attachment to all that you know as ego.  Yet, your ego is what makes you human.  When you come to Earth for a human experience, you are coming for an EGO experience.  

You come for this ego experience in order to advance your Divine Self.  To be a creator you must be unattached to that which you are creating.  To be unattached means to love what you are creating completely.  

In this month, focus on yourself as a creator.  Make yourself your first creation.  What do you want to create?  See yourself as a blank slate.  You may compose and create whatever you want on this slate.  If you fear the results, you are attached and inhibit your ability to create.

Know that you are rising to a higher dimension; your powers of manifestation are rising.  Every thought is creating, so make those thoughts count.  You can see yourself as already flawless; you have nothing to fear.  All you create will be flawless.  

Focus on creating YOURSELF.  Not the life you THINK you desire, but focus on yourSELF.  The life you want is YOU.  YOU are your life, not the things around you.  Let yourself grow naturally; do not push, for every day is another stage in your human plan.  

Do not get RID of your ego; you are having an ego experience.  To work with your ego, create within yourself and let your ego help you apply it to your human life.  Let your ego give you what is natural to Earth.  

You are always creating energy.  Your ego can help you create this energy to physical form.  Do not let it DICTATE how and when you create, for you are ALWAYS creating in many different ways.  The ego is your partner in this human life, so make friends with it; shake hands with it; let it help you.

You are so much more powerful than what you think.  Every single part of you can help you; every single part is a gift and has a purpose.  Do not lament how you feel about what has happened to you, for it is all happening to develop you.  

Yes, this IS confusing, I know!  It is so confusing [laughs].  Let me put it this way: you want to create a tree, so you create a tree.  It is beautiful, it is pure; your ego helps you decide, “How can this make my physical life better?”  So you grow apples from the tree for food, and you sit in the shade for protection from the sun.  This is what your ego can do for you.  

So create the self you wish, without attachment.  This is your true self that has always been there; then let your ego help you discern, “How can I use this in my human life?”  Just remember YOU are in control; you are in the center.  Your ego is merely your toolbox for Earth.  

Call on me for assistance with your toolbox, because if you look at your toolbox only, you might feel limited.  Therefore, it is important to create first, and use your tools afterwards.  I love you, my dearest ones.”

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