September 28-October 3, 2015 Weekly Spiritual Guidance

This week’s reading turned out really amazing! This week is all about finding our inner strength and courage. We are entering a long journey of ascension, and this week we really feel it, in addition to Mercury Retrogade. Whatever challenges you face this week, breathe through it, move through it and let go of worry. Fear and worry will only halt you from moving, so place yourself in love and connect to your inner self.

September 21-27, 2015 Spiritual Guidance

This week might feel a little chaotic, but guess what: its for a reason! You are really being pushed to be your true self, and the emphasis is on acknowledging your feelings and embracing them! This entire week is focused recognizing patterns and situations we feel we are repeating. What can you do differently that brings you a better expression of self-love? Emotional healing is evident this week as we shift into a higher vibration of source energy.

September 14-20, 2015 Spiritual Guidance

We start this week off with a new moon and a partial eclipse! Expect this week to be a little intense emotionally, and you will be focused on how you deal with challenges by yourself. Greater clarity and embracing yourself in a new light are evident! Let go of any need you have to control an outcome and focus on self care. Helpful abundance may come your way by the weekend, and you are encouraged to take hold of it!


September 7-13, 2015 Spiritual Guidance

This week feels very low-key in terms of outside events, but also full of revelation and bringing forth your spiritual development. There’s lots of opportunity this week to connect with others while still being your unique self. This week will be full of opportunity for growth, so be accepting of what comes your way and see it as a way of spiritual development. The weekend will be a great time to be with friends, rest and relax!