August 2015 Guidance with Archangel Uriel

As I compose this post from my smartphone (thank you, technology!), on the North coast of France, I am relieved to be entering August.  My trip has been equally joyful and challenging.  I have seen many beautiful things and met interesting people.  I have had the opportunity to relax, enjoy and marvel…and learn some French! 

Halfway through my trip, I experienced some emotional upheaval in regards to certain relationships and my relationship with myself.  I will not go into detail, as I do not want to expose the people involved for privacy reasons, but I will say this upheaval began first with shocking news, followed by disappointment, then grief, then withdrawal, and concluded with a spiritual quest of self-questioning!


There is always beauty in the breakdown. Like the symbolic phoenix, we sometimes have to burn all we firmly held as concrete in order to rebirth ourselves and create new life.  As a planet and as individuals, this is where we are headed: creating a new life that is more beautiful.  Sometimes when all we hoped for comes crashing down around us, we need to remind ourselves it is because our higher selves have something BETTER in store for us that we do not yet know about. 

This process is not without pain, but we can simply acknowledge the pain, let it run it’s course, and them reflect on what we have learned in order to embrace clear truths about ourselves and the beliefs we have held about our identities.  Hopefully, we will realize that we deserve more and that we deserve better.  Once that  comes to light, we can become more in harmony with that which fulfills us more and fulfills us better.

That has been my journey the past month, and if it has been similar to your experience, I applaud you for making it through!  Now here we are at a full moon, ready to begin August.  August will definitely be a time of reflection, but also of integration, harmony and balance within ourselves.  This is due to the fact that we know ourselves better than we ever have before, and deeply desire to keep making personal change occur. 

Archangel Uriel came through me today as I sat by the ocean in meditation; in fact, he showed up immediately, as soon as I sat down in the sand.  I was so happy to speak with him, as Archangel Uriel is an old buddy who always brings so much clarity and insight.  His name means “Light of God”, and he can light YOUR way through any situation.  Call on him when you need ideas, inspiration and clarity. 


Here is his message for August:

Beloved Ones,

Hello and greetings. I am Uriel, here to help you discover your inner light. I can help shed light on any area of your life in order to bring the clarity you need, which always precedes action.

You are in a period of giving birth to an upgraded version of yourself, and this process is painful for you.   Yet know you are on this path to bring forth your inner power.   Many realizations on your emotional plane have come to light.  Your challenge this month, and something that will greatly influence you the rest of the year, is whether you can accept these realizations and let go of previous expectations you once held.  If you do, you are making room for more enlightened experiences ahead.

You are in charge of these experiences. This month you will be presented with an opportunity to steer and take a charge. Will you focus on that and who you cannot control, or will you focus on your own nourishment, and the nourishment of your deepest desires?  You can identify your most pure desires by seeing whether or not they involve specific expectations of others.  If they do, this is not a true desire of your soul, as the desire to control others comes from your fear and ego.  But if you are open to any number of people helping you and contributing to your desires in any infinite possible way, then this is your soul speaking to you.

As you let go of old expectations of your relationships with others, some of which have been deeply rooted in you since childhood, you will find freedom. This freedom and openness will create energetic broom for you to create and receive higher energetic shifts and gifts.

You may be emotional this month due to the birthing process. Your biggest asset is to have faith in yourself and in the divine powers that are always assisting you. Create boundaries without fear of consequence, and embrace your inner strength. Everyone is on their own journey, but that journey is bringing everyone closer together. You are working on becoming more balanced as you integrate your self-realizations into your day-to-day actions, but we are always here to assist you in the process. 

Keep track of new ideas this month and save them for later, as you will need them in the future. The best advice I can give you, as this month will have high emotions, is not to be consumed by long term goals and worried about the how and when. Take greater investment in your day-to-day nourishment, and when you are in a more pure state of mind, body and spirit, you will have more strength and ability to not only find easy ways to accomplish your goals, but also discover new desires that you were previously unaware of their existence.

Go forth and focus on your light within you. Feed it daily and shine.

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