Weekly Spiritual Guidance, June 29-July 5, 2015

This week you can look forward to finding a ‘new way’ and having things fall into place as they perfectly should. Follow your feelings and intuition this week, and nurture your sensitivity. Don’t censor your ideas, or worry if you aren’t sure what action to take next; simply be in the moment, and take each day at a time. Renewed strength and empowerment are on its way!

July 2015 Monthly Forecast

July is a time to take advantage of fun and relaxing activities. This month you will be enabled to let go of anything on a physical or energetic level that no longer serves you. Unexpected opportunities may come your way that lead you to a more fulfilling career and home life! You’re guided to always be your authentic self, and by August you will have clarity of mind and more sound action and direction you will be willing to take!

July 2015 Guidance with Archangel Barachiel

Greetings and Happy July!  I cannot believe we are currently halfway through 2015.  It’s been quite a journey so far, and I am looking forward to the months ahead.  

Our channeled message today comes from Archangel Barachiel, the Archangel of Blessings.  I did not have much previous knowledge of this angel, but he came to me in a very bright vision.  His energy is light, playful and giggly, and I never experienced such a feeling of floating and flying then when he entered my energy space.  I saw him with red hair, blue eyes and a beautiful golden-green aura, and he was ever-so-smiley! 

Archangel Barachiel is the chief of all guardian angels, so he can direct your guardian angels to bring you blessings as well!  Many times he is called upon to help people in their pursuits of healing, success and manifestation.  He is closely connected to humans and his love is immense for all people and human spirits.  He can also help instill a sense of humor in a situation.  


Key Points for July:

  • Bring your focus to now, and not the future.  You are always shaping your probable future.  Trust in your current place and focus on your current actions, thoughts and feelings day by day.
  • We have so much knowledge!  When you focus on lack of knowledge about a certain situation, you are taking away your sense of power.  Focus on what you do know, how you do feel, and the thoughts and senses that you are alive with.  This will empower you to make informed decisions on a physical, emotional and metaphysical level.
  • July will see a major shift in emotions, so expect some highs and lows.  This is because we are receiving a big download of psychic energy from our higher selves, as we are very ready to incorporate our psychic gifts on a day-to-day basis.  
  • This is an adjustment for us, so take time to nurture your body and pay attention to what you need, whether its more rest and relaxation, the need to be really active, give in to cravings, etc.  Either way, give yourself permission to do what you feel like doing!
  • July might feel like a ‘standstill’, but equally full of inspiration; it is a month to review, make a plan, gather your energy and enjoy your time.  Take advantage of this energy by doing what you feel like doing each and every day.  You have more than enough time to accomplish your goals, and you will!


Archangel Barachiel’s Message:

I am the Angel of Blessings.  I am here to guide you with these loving messages.  This month, is a month of gratitude, of giving and receiving in equal measure.  Let go of not knowing, and simply be mindful of the current process you are going through.  You cannot control everything, but you can take charge of each moment.  

What is troubling you with your relationships?  Rather than worry about the future, focus on what you currently know is true.  You will find unexpected gifts in so many ways, all which are aiding you in your current developmental journey.  

What do you want to do?  You can do it this month, whatever it is, when you are involved.  Forget the long term for now, and simply take each day as a gift that you have the power to direct.  Let go of controlling others this month, and let yourself be nourished.  

You will find that if you take each day with gratitude, and focusing on your current knowledge, rather than knowledge of something that you do not yet possess, you will nourish your empowerment.  You will find reflection useful, as you are on a journey of learning how to proactively shape your life.  I love you dearly, and am always here to bring you gifts of joy moment by moment.  

Weekly Spiritual Guidance June 22-28, 2015

This week we can let go of any seeming problems and simply go with the flow. You are guided to listen to your heart and stay true to yourself, balancing activities that you need to do with actions that nourish you. Your intuition will continue to enhance and you will find spiritual and emotional strength as you continue to honor yourself, your ideas and your needs.

July-December 2015 Forecast

Whereas the first half of the year has been about inner growth and reflection, the last half is centered on action and outward change! We are seeking for things to go our way, and it finally starts to happen! We are encouraged to take risks and put enthusiasm behind our creative actions. Our seeds will be well planted and eventually grow if you are patient and tenacious. Healing will still occur, and manifestation is evident. It will be a time period of steady progress, and our confidence will grow!

Weekly Spiritual Guidance June 15-21, 2015

You’ll want to be more grounded this week because we are transitioning to aligning our spiritual selves with our physical selves. You are guided to listen to your gut and intuition this week, and to follow your feelings in the moment. Do something fun that will help you feel connected to your body, but at the same time listening to your intuition to determine what you need. The weekend looks very positive, with lots of clarity, healing and synchronistic occurrences.

Weekly Spiritual Guidance June 8-14, 2015

This week may be intense, but we are more than equipped to handle it. As we wane off the full moon energy, we are in a stage of contemplation, and this is your blessing this week: taking time to meditate and finding answers and clarity from within. Your thoughts may want to be negative due to the intensity of the energy this week, but the best way to move through this energy is to do empowering actions for yourself each day. By the time the week is done, it shows you indeed becoming more powerful!