May 2015 Forecast with Archangel Raphael


Welcome to May!  There is a lot of information in our guidance for us this month.  If I could sum up the themes of this month in one sentence, it would be this: “Trust the process of bringing balance and love into your life.”  

Archangel Raphael came through to provide us guidance for this month.  Raphael is the archangel of healing, relationships and travel.  He boasts a magnificent emerald green energy that can provide you healing on all levels.  He is very sweet, very gentle and very firm.  You can ask him for help with health concerns, relationship healing and manifestation, travel plans, and he has an affinity towards working with children and the elderly.  


Here are multitudes of key points for May:

  • May is a time for alignment.  We’ve been experiencing new ideas, new circumstances, new opportunities and new relationships entering our current experience.  The key this month is to let these new things begin to take root and align ourselves with these new energies while letting go of the outcome.  
  • Relationships are changing majorly.  In some ways it will feel positive, in other it will seem negative.  Remember that whatever your peception is, it is important to view your relationships as constanty healing.
  • The color green is vital this month.  Wear green, surround yourself with green plants, and focus on green emerald light shooting straight in to your heart center and inside and outside your body and soul.  This green light is a gift from Raphael, and brings you the gift of Divine love.
  • Your spirituality may take a hit this month, as you will become either discouraged or really take the plunge and be full of hope and faith.  Remember whatever you choose to focus on will be magnified in varying results.
  • There are many situations we are pushing against on both a personal and global scale.  Rather than continue to push, it is in your best interest to pull back, recollect with yourself, and try taking a better, easier path that brings love to a situation.  
  • Unconditional love for your life is important now.  Practice gratitude, which can be a very annoying new age concept, but focusing on your abundance rather than your lack will help heal your emotions. 
  • Have trust.  We have been developing our ability to trust in things working out, and we must continue practicing this ability as things begin to take shape and mold before us.  
  • A lot of worry will come up this month because we are fixated on how life has worked out in the past, and we don’t know what will happen in the future.  Heal your relationship with yourself by forgiving the past and letting go of the future outcome.  Your relationship with yourself is at the forefront this month! 
  • If you worry about the end result, remember that there never is an end result in anything we do, including death.  Things are constantly moving, morphing and developing, and it is important to remember that results are never permanent.  
  • BREATH is important here.  Breath oxygen into every part of your body to bring yourself to the present moment.  Feel the LIFE FORCE that is within you, and breath in LOVE when you begin to feel yourself spiraling into worry again.  
  • We will experience some extreme highs and lows as we align ourselves with our higher energies.  This is part of the process of bringing ourselves into balanced alignment.  Do not fear these energies; accept whatever you are feeling, thinking and experiencing, and bring yourself back to the present moment to center yourself again.

Here is Archangel Raphael’s channeled message:

Dear Ones,

It is a time for transformation this month.  Create an inner circle of truth.  Do you trust yourself right now?  I can feel that you do not, as discouragement has invaded your energy field, like a stain you cannnot get rid of.  

This is a month of affirmation; affirm what you know to be true, and not what you doubt.  Doubts are very high at this moment, and this puts a halt to manifestation.  Your results will not be instantaneous.  

This month relationships will be moving forward, whether you are thinking aobut healing them, reparing them, forming new ones, redefining them or reconnecting with someone old or new.  This is because you are more well defined, and are ready for a new partner, or comrade, to assist you in your journey of seeking joy.  

Emotions will be high this month, but let them be as they are; you are storing so many truthful feelings, and this has put your action to a halt.  [When you store emotion without releasing it, you are unable to take action and forced into a standstill.]  Ask for my emerald light to blast through your energy.  

Boundaries are important for you this month, because you will want to fall into old habits when it comes to your relationships.  How much are you giving away, is the question to ask yourself, and why are you giving so much away?  You deserve better!  When you set high expectations for how you should be treated, the universe will answer in an equal matter, even if its not in the way you expect.  

We bring you so many possibilities that are out of your mental range simply because you find a way to halt your glorious imagination!  That is the earthly way, but you can go beyond that.  When we tell you to dream big, we are telling you to dream bigger and in a grand, non material sense where you receive endless amounts of loving energy in all forms, not just in possessions or events.  

Be open this month to receiving good, and good shall be delivered unto you.  I will wrap you in my loving wings, and I ask that you do the same.  View all situations in love and compassion, and ask that my emerald green light be brought to the situation.  I am an angel who helps create the perfect situation for you at any given moment.  

Remember you always have choices, and you can always make these choices in any given moment.  You always have multiple paths before you, and it is up to you which path you choose.  Remember only when making a choice, you affirm that choice, rather than worrying about it.  We see many make a choice, and then worry about the result of that choice.  When you do this, that choice indeed becomes worrisome and you find yourself in the midst of a difficult situation.  Affirm your choice, and know that at any moment at any time after that choice, you have many other different choices you can make.  There is always space for adjustment.  I love you infinitely my darlings.

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