April Forecast with Archangel Jophiel

Welcome to April!  This month’s message comes from the graceful Archangel Jophiel, whose name means ‘Beauty of God.’  She helps us declutter and beautify our lives, and brings illumination and solutions to any situation.  She also is helpful to students who need help remembering lessons.  

Jophiel is light-hearted and playful, and listening to her was a fun challenge, as her speech was akin to lightning bugs skipping around in midair.  I experienced a great swirl of colors, particularly yellow, pink and lavender.  She is very loving, and as I tuned into her energy, she gave me a mantra to repeat: “I am wise, I am strong, I am beautiful.”  I could hear her voice repeat it over and over until I was saying it along with her, and I felt very empowered.  Please use this mantra for yourselves, particularly in times of despair and frustration.

Here are some key points about this month for us to guide us along:

  • This is the beginning of the start!  Its important no note that creating new circumstances takes time, and we will be feeling impatient over the next few months.  Remind yourself that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and you are moving towards it.  
  • We are aligning with the cosmos more now than ever before.  I’m not much of an astrologer, but Jophiel shows me how closely connected our rhythms are to the rhythms of the stars.  She shows me the image of a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.  We are the square peg, and our edges are being sanded down so we can ‘fit’ into that rightful, easier place we’ve been seeking, with those edges being old lessons, mistakes and karma that no longer serve us.  
  • You will need an abundance of patience this month, mostly for yourself.  You might feel like a failure, or that you’re not where you’re ‘supposed’ to be.  Give yourself permission to take your time and give the universe permission to bring you that which you need at the right time.
  • This is an excellent month to de-clutter!  This will help bring more focus to all aspects of your life, because you will be de-cluttering your mind as well.  I am also hearing that it will give some people a head-start for future (and perhaps unexpected) plans to move to a new home later in the year.
  • You need some sweetness in your life, so this month take time for sweet things in the forms of animals, people, activities, or anything with an overload of cuteness that brings you wonder and enjoyment.  

Here is Jophiel’s channeled message:

Hello dear ones, I am Jophiel, angel of beauty!  I see so many of you feel empty.  This is due to your diligent work of letting go and shedding that which no longer serves you, and  I congratulate you on this very difficult process.  Now that you are properly shedding, you do need something to fill up that space again, or you will inadvertently fill it up with more negative experiences rather than positive ones.

I want you to clear your mind, take three deep breaths and surround yourself in a loving, pink light.  Then, empower yourselves by asking, “What do I get rid of, and what needs to be in its place?” See what occurs to you first and foremost.  Think of it like clearing out a weed from the ground and deciding what to put there in its place: grass, flowers, a tree?  When you clear out the weeds of your life, there is an empty space waiting to be filled, and it is your choice to fill it with something beautiful or to let another weed grow that you will once again need to remove.   

Now is the time to start rebuilding your lives, as you have mostly deconstructed your old lives from years ago.  For some, you are still in the process of, (and all of you always will be) ridding yourselves of old junk that no longer suits you, BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN you cannot simultaneously rebuild!   This month be gentler than months past, for it is the beginning of rebuilding your self image.  You need a makeover! [laughs].  Make over your self image by strengthening yourself.  What are you good at, and what do you enjoy?   Do these two things, and that will feed you with inner strength.  YOU ARE NO LONGER THE PERSON YOU ONCE WERE, BUT ARE BECOMING THE PERSON YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN.

You’ve cleared away so much, and it is now a great time to listen to your intuition.  You’ve made space between you and others so that you can take time and space to listen!  So, this month, listen to yourselves in all matters and trust your beautiful voice.  Creative solutions will come to you.  Ask me for help in beautifying yourself and your lives, as I am right next to you. 

One thought on “April Forecast with Archangel Jophiel

  1. Beautiful messages – everything resonated with me so strongly! I’m trying to release all that no longer serves me right now and learning to gain clarity of mind in my everyday life. I’m learning to trust my intuition even more than before too! Thank you so much for these amazing channeled messages, dearest Maria ❤ x

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