Weekly Spiritual Guidance March 30-April 5, 2015

This week is a week to get back to your true nature. Spend some time alone and purge yourself mentally and emotionally. Write in a journal, meditate, exercise and do whatever else is necessary to help you get back to “you”. This week you’ll be brought gifts of beauty in a very broad sense, so keep an open mind! After this week, you’ll feel more like yourself than you have in awhile.

Weekly Spiritual Guidance March 2-8, 2015

The theme of this week is gratitude: looking around at what you have, including your inner resources and abilities. Whatever feelings, nudges or thoughts you have at the start of the week, you are reminded that they are real and that you can trust them! You’ll be guided to change things up in the middle; what is unhealthy and what can you change and/or leave? The weekend shows opportunity for love, and to do loving things for yourself. You will be game for it, as you spent the entire week trusting and following your inner guidance and feel more powerful because of this!

Monthly Forecast March 2015

This month is about inner power! All aspects of this month lead to us developing strength and trusting our inner selves. This month will go by quickly, as there will be lots to do, but you will get through it efficiently and thoughtfully. The energy this month indicates that we have already let go and are focusing on what gives us strength and power. You may find yourself connecting well with others this month, and this will also feed your inner strength. Balance your emotions by balancing work and play, and fun and serious. Set up boundaries with others and assertively say ‘no.’ By April, we are well equipped to manifest!

March 2015 Guidance with Archangel Michael

This month’s guidance is from ARCHANGEL MICHAEL!  I am so excited to present this message to you, because I have never channeled Michael for a monthly guidance reading before.  Archangel Michael is the archangel of protection.  He is usually depicted with a sword, which is made of light, and slashes our egos and fears.  You can call on him for protection or help of any sorts.  


I have felt Michael around me quite a bit the last few days, and in turn have found my spirit and my energy increase dramatically.  Whenever I feel Michael, I see images of Jon Bon Jovi and big-haired rockstars, and Michael saying, “That’s right, that’s me!”  He is indeed a rockstar as his presence influences everything around him and leaves us in awe.  He also has a cheeky sense of humor, and he makes me giggle quite a bit.


March will be a big shift for us, as the theme this month is about inner power.  We were well aware going into February that it would be tough, but I don’t think we had any idea of how challenging the energy would be.  I’m happy to report that our strength will grow ten-fold as we go into March.

Here are some key points about March, as given by Michael:

  • You have the power in this situation, or any situation.  Remember this and remind yourself of it continuously.

  • Your focus will be challenged, but if you focus on love and what you desire without depending on others for that desire, you will find everything becomes easier.  Focus on what you can do, not what others can do.

  • HEALTH: so many things have appeared to get in the way of self care.  Nourish yourself this month, and you will find that you have the energy to do so.

  • Family: a lot of people are exiting their human lives right now.  It is their time, but your loved ones are still around you.  If you talk to them, they can hear you.  Ask them for signs so they can show you that they are still around you.

  • Nourish your inner power this month.  This does not mean exerting control over others.  Do things that make YOU feel powerful, and your power will grow.  This energy will indeed influence others around, and help to create harmony amongst each other.

Message from Archangel Michael:

Hello and greetings.  I am Archangel Michael, the mighty angel who is always at your side.  I am so pleased to give you guidance for this month.  I have been described as powerful, although I am no more powerful than each and every one of you, for we all come from the same source.  


I am here to tell you that this is the month of inner power.  This is a month to feel victorious! [shouts like Oprah when he says this.]  I know the last month was difficult, but you have gone through a push to help you release.  It is so difficult for you to take on the new when you are still holding onto the old.  This month will still have its challenges, but you are ready to handle them in a new way.  

This message may seem similar to ones you have received in the past, but that is because you have not really mastered your inner power.  That is okay: you have infinite “time”, because there is no time.  So do not be hard on yourselves; you are growing each and every day.  I am working with each and every one of you, so please call on me to be by your side and to help you strengthen.  


I want you to continue to seek guidance from within.  The more you do this, the more you will find answers in the shape of outside resources that manifest.  Nothing will appear if you do not focus your energy on that which you desire to appear.  Moreover, nothing will come if you do not first rely on yourself.  


You may have been tapping outside resources, searching desperately.  When you do this, you have things to be despearate about.  So, here is your secret to inner power: treat all as though is has already been resolved, in even in your most despearte hour.  Trust that all is turning out how it needs to be.  And please, focus on movement this month.  


Move your body, for when you do this, you move energy around.  Dance is especially helpful!  [At this point, I laugh.]  Yes, laugh!  Because laughter is joy, and so is dance.  Dance has always been about the movement and transformation of energy since its inception.  I encourage you to do this, and please invite me to your dancing, because I will come and dance with you.  I want  you to know, above all else, that we are together.  You are not abandoned, and you are not alone.  “I am Mighty” is your mantra this month.  Love, Michael.  


So, last night I had a dance party with myself and angels in my kitchen, and I felt fantastic.  It beats getting on a treadmill, as it is way more fun!  Not only that, but I could feel the energy completely electrified in my house, and suddenly felt inspired to do 10 different things.  I also felt, for this first time in a long time, completely satisfied within myself.  I encourage you all to do anything that helps you feel powerful this month, and I send you infinite love.