February 2015 Guidance with King Solomon

Lately I’ve been hanging out with Ascended Master King Solomon.  It was odd to me at first, because I have not thought of King Solomon since I was a small child reading illustrated bible stories, but he’s been in my energy field as of late, and who am I to deny him?  Solomon is authoritative, wise and warm, kind of like a stern professor who, after you get to know, is a big, huggable marshmallow.  I asked him to channel a message for us today about February 2015.

Solomon was King of Israel about 900 B.C., after his father King David.  He was known for wisdom and alchemy, and there is a famous tale of him solving a dispute between two ladies who claimed the same baby as their own.  He is the guy who sees and knows all, and he knows what your Divine mission is.  He can help you improve your life, help you clear space and manifest, or guide you through any difficult situation.  

Typically I ask for bullet points to guide us through the month, but Solomon, in his very truest nature, went right into the message, keeping it short and sweet:

Creation is a magnificent, detailed thing.  when you create something, a million other details and factors come into play.  Therefore, if there is truly love behind your creation, it can only be but perfect.  God created this perfect planet in the most perfect way, as your science has revealed.  The Creator’s motivation was purely based in love, making this creation effortless and pure and perfect.  

Therefore, my question to you is, What do you truly desire, and think of those things, right now, in this moment.  Then ask yourself, is this based in love?  Or, is it based in fear?  As I told you, you sometimes choose fear to keep you here.  Every time you come to earth, you are afraid of losing or wasting this experience, so you build more karma for yourself so that you have to return.  This is why, in the last many years, so much emphasis has been put on let it go.  We are encouraging you to stop connecting yourself to karma so you ca live more freely and purely as a soul.  

This is a month of detox, of quiet action.  Create a knowing that is deep inside of you that allows you to base desires in love.  You have an idea of what you want, but these are material.  That is wonderful, as you live on earth and need the material and physical to survive and live.  Yet underneath every material desire is an ethereal desire.  What is the basis of this desire?  When I say focus on your desires this month, I am saying unlayer them; figure them out by picking them apart a little.  Uncover the true motivaion behind these desires.  When you do this, then the ability to see choices clearly and purely will come before you.  

After that, ideas and actions unfold quickly, so quickly you will be shocked by it!  You will have rid yourself of the clouds and begin to see more clearly.  Why do you want perfect health, a new job, or a romantic partner?  What is the desire behind the desire?  Finding your way to these things will become easier when you uncover the truth, the spiritual truth, of all these things.  

Most importantly, you must have the confidence to do so.  You are as powerful as me, and do not think otherwise.  As you would build muscle, build confidence every day.  Be bold with your self perception.  As you begin to detox, remember that you must also feed, as you are removing unhealthy energy away, but you must also replenish yourself.  Do things that give you confidence that replace discouragement.  Let yourself be strong.  Call on me for motivation, and to help you uncover your inner wisdom.  I have loved being with you.  

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