January 2015 Guidance with Vesta

I am so thrilled to begin our first month of 2015.  Many wonderful things are coming to us this year with foundations in passion and balance.  January starts us off with establishing firmly that which we learned in previous years in order to prepare us to move forward with strength.

For this month, the Ascended Master VESTA has come.  Vesta is the Roman goddess of home and hearth, as well as a sun and fire goddess.  She helps to bring love into your home and can help you clear and protect your energy, settle arguments with others, and light a fire under your passions (or help you find them).  Her personality is fiery and fierce, yet extremely nurturing and playful.  She is truly a goddess in every sense of the word, for she completely owns her power and authority with a feminine flare.  She often bounced around me, from one side to the next, as she gave her message for this month, and demanded all of my attention and focus.  


Here is her message for this month:

Well here we are, hello loved ones, especially all who identify as women!  I am thrilled to be with you, and I am here to offer you my wisdom and protection.  I hope you meditate each day and call on me, for I will help you greatly this month if you wish it.  

January may be a time to focus on boundaries.  You have been working on boundaries and being assertive, and you’ve done splendidly; so splendidly, I see a goddess in each and every one of you (the men too….remember my brothers, you need goddesses within yourself as much as gods,, if not more so).  This month please take note that you can go two ways: fall into unpleasing habits that you have worked so hard to unlearn, or establish firmly new ones and set the tone for the rest of the year!  

Say no, and say no again.  Not just to people, but this time to the UNIVERSE.  Yes, I know that you each have a soul plan, and have certain lessons to learn.  Yet, has it ever occurred to you that tough situations keep happening not because you need to learn earthly lessons, but you are still learning how to create, and what that entails?  You must see that if you keep attracting unwanted situations towards you, then you are drawing them to you because you have not yet fully understood what it means to be a creator, for who would do this to themselves on purpose?  You cannot control others but you CAN say to the universe, “No, I am saying no to this type of experience” when unwanted things come your way: let the universe know that you need and desire peace, not struggle.  And then say ‘yes’ to the wanted situations that come your way.  Demand more of them!  You are training your thoughts to focus on the wanted, and not the undesired.  

You see, you are training your minds, for I am sorry to see that many do not think they deserve ease and peace in their life, and instead believe they must constantly struggle in order to achieve that which is wanted.  This is something humans made up, and now as we enter into a new era, this is something you all are eradicating step by step.  (claps rapidly)  

Now, I want to help you, because this month you will feel you are on the BRINK of starting something, you are at the beginning of a new beginning, so call on me to help you find your way.  It is extra important for you to nurture yourself this month, especially in your home life.  This includes nurturing your higher self; connect with your higher self through meditation, and you can connect with any other loving beings that are surrounding you.  The important thing to remember this month is to create peace within yourself (so that you can maintain this throughout the year with ease), and then create peace without.  I’m here to help you be your own boss in this universe, so call on me when you need to find that inner tigress!  Love to you all!

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