2015 6-Month Forecast with Archangel Uriel

Happy New Year!  As we embark on 2015, we will want to make many changes in our lives.  I’ve seen and experienced many forecasts for this upcoming year from other wonderful lightworkers, and balance is a prominent theme in all these readings.  Balance will be coming in many shapes and forms on small and large scales for all of us.  You will see it in your personal lives, as well as globally.  

While it is traditional to do a forecast for the entire year, I tend to find this overwhelming.  I can hardly focus on an entire month, let alone an entire year!  Therefore, in the interest of balance, I’ve asked my heavenly helpers to only deliver message regarding the first six months.  When June comes, I will do another forecast for the last six months.  The video above sums up Archangel Uriel’s message.  The video below is the angel tarot card reading!

I requested beloved Archangel Uriel to deliver us guidance for the first half of the year.  He is the Archangel of IDEAS AND INSPIRATION, and that will also be prominent this year as we move forward.  


Personally, I like to focus on what the individual can expect and do to lead a more joyful life, rather than focus on global affairs and predictions.  However, Uriel did let me know the following:

“It is wonderful to focus on your individual self, for you are all unique.  This year, however, will be different in terms of your emphasis towards your diversity and individuality.  You will be more accepting of your uniqueness, which is something you have been striving towards, and this will cause you to be more accepting of others’ uniqueness; when this happens, you will be more group and community-driven.  You will be more willing to share your individualism, and partake in others’ individualism.  This means that you will be blending your individual self with others to create oneness.  You are ready to begin this step as a planet, and your celebration of each others’ differences will only bring you closer together, just as individual pieces create one mosaic.”  


Here are a few things Uriel talks about on a global scale, with a few specific countries highlighted:

  • Australia-more than ever, your sense of discrimination will be heightened.  Great increases in equality will occur as more people become awakened to discriminatory practices and, more importantly, will be SPEAKING UP!
  • India-the caste system has been buried in your DNA for generations.  The modern generations are helping to dissolve this, as it has been dissolving for years.  I see more people coming together to participate in regular spiritual practices as a group that promote love and acceptance.  You are being encouraged to come together as groups in your communities in common places such as homes, sitting areas and river banks rather than going to temples to encourage peace and equal treatment.
  • The Pacific Ocean will see major turmoil and storms-if you are passionate for clean oceans, continue to work towards that.
  • Western Europe will continue to prosper economically, while disparities continue to grow in Eastern Europe, to the point it will seem as if the two regions are split down the middle.  This will later on promote reconstruction because an imbalance can only grow so large before it tips over the entire scale and needs to be built again-deconstruction must happen before reconstruction.
  • Africa-sadly, the continent will continue to be isolated from the rest of the world, and I see this happening for many years to come.  There is a rise in immigration coming from Africa, and this will eventually lead to native Africans bringing back other peoples of the world to their native countries to bring awareness back to the continent.
  • United States-I see a rise in women leaders, but I do not see a woman being elected in November for president.  More people will be volunteering for grassroots movements, and you are spiritually encouraged to join groups that resonate with you.  There will be an increase in interest in E.T’s, and more information will be put forth about their earthly involvement.  Unrest involving racial injustices will grow until fabricated crises will steal attention away from protests and movements.  Be aware of group panic towards media stories and use your intuition to help decide truths.

I asked Archangel Uriel to give us some guidance and advice on a personal level, but also universally so that anyone can resonate with it.  Here is his message:

You have greatly increased your ability to create boundaries and to stand up for yourselves.  You have seen this on a personal and on a group level.  We are excited to see your strength growing, as does your wisdom and your trust of your own abilities.  You spent quite a lot of time doubting yourself for the past many years, and after letting these feelings take you over and eventually exit your body, you are ready to take charge of your life in a proactive way.

I cannot tell you how excited we are to see you as creators!  For that is, indeed, what you are: masterful creators of love.  This year, so many ideas will be pouring forth that we will give you.  Remember to not censor yourself!  These ideas, unfortunately, exit you so quickly because you do not find them reachable.  Keep a way to log these ideas and keep them with you; nurture them as you would a child, and pay attention to the ones that make you excited.  

Now I will demand, as a stern father would of his child for you to do something: connect with yourself.  You cannot delay this any further.  I am joking about being a stern father; I say this gently, but firmly.  Meditate every day.  This is vital.  You cannot move forward until you learn to listen.  Make time-15 of your minutes-for this each day.  This will bring you joy.  This will bring you joy!  This will help transform you at an accelerated rate.  Your intuition will be your most beloved and valuable tool this year, more than any other year; thereby you must learn to use it, listen to it, and be in touch with it.  

There will be times you will want to rush into action, as you will find much to be passionate about.  Remember to be patient, as you cannot change the outside as quickly as you can the inside.  It is bountiful to meditate on a decision and to nurture your passion.  We encourage you to act on your ideas, but meditate on them first to discern which ideas are being sent to you by us, and which are coming out of your ego.  Simply pay attention to that which brings you the most joy.  

Remember, do not be afraid of making wrong decisions, because “wrong” does not exist.  You cannot make mistakes in our eyes, you only can make choices.  We will love you no matter what, and help you to make the happiest choices.  Are you asking for us?  Involve us in all your conversations and thoughts.  Intend to share all thoughts and feelings with us.  Help connect with us, as we are always connecting with you.  Treat us not as masters, but as partners in your journey and your growth.

I LOVE YOU.  Annoyed by you?  At times, yes (he says this jokingly.)  Only because I love you infinitely.  Now is the time to come together in harmony with all aspects of yourself, so that you begin to come in harmony with each other.




In this card reading we look at goals, obstacles, surprises and guidance for the next six months. We also take a look at each individual month from January through June and see what the energy will be like for us! The main focus is that we will be honing our intuition and increasing our spiritual development, and this will influence you beyond measure.

Card decks used: Angel Tarot and Archangel Power Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

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