February 2015 Forecast

This month we focus on mental, emotional and energetic shifts and changes. We let go of old attachments and begin the process of choosing better paths to take. We are very in tune with our heart chakras this month, and receptive to psychic and intuitive information. We may be afraid to let go of old parts of ourselves, but we are guided to embrace new growth, because this will lead to new energy and opportunity. The end of the month shows new vigor and enthusiasm to throw ourselves into the work and projects that we love to do. You may feel more inspired and have a better idea of what direction to take when March rolls around!

February 2015 Guidance with King Solomon

Lately I’ve been hanging out with Ascended Master King Solomon.  It was odd to me at first, because I have not thought of King Solomon since I was a small child reading illustrated bible stories, but he’s been in my energy field as of late, and who am I to deny him?  Solomon is authoritative, wise and warm, kind of like a stern professor who, after you get to know, is a big, huggable marshmallow.  I asked him to channel a message for us today about February 2015.

Solomon was King of Israel about 900 B.C., after his father King David.  He was known for wisdom and alchemy, and there is a famous tale of him solving a dispute between two ladies who claimed the same baby as their own.  He is the guy who sees and knows all, and he knows what your Divine mission is.  He can help you improve your life, help you clear space and manifest, or guide you through any difficult situation.  

Typically I ask for bullet points to guide us through the month, but Solomon, in his very truest nature, went right into the message, keeping it short and sweet:

Creation is a magnificent, detailed thing.  when you create something, a million other details and factors come into play.  Therefore, if there is truly love behind your creation, it can only be but perfect.  God created this perfect planet in the most perfect way, as your science has revealed.  The Creator’s motivation was purely based in love, making this creation effortless and pure and perfect.  

Therefore, my question to you is, What do you truly desire, and think of those things, right now, in this moment.  Then ask yourself, is this based in love?  Or, is it based in fear?  As I told you, you sometimes choose fear to keep you here.  Every time you come to earth, you are afraid of losing or wasting this experience, so you build more karma for yourself so that you have to return.  This is why, in the last many years, so much emphasis has been put on let it go.  We are encouraging you to stop connecting yourself to karma so you ca live more freely and purely as a soul.  

This is a month of detox, of quiet action.  Create a knowing that is deep inside of you that allows you to base desires in love.  You have an idea of what you want, but these are material.  That is wonderful, as you live on earth and need the material and physical to survive and live.  Yet underneath every material desire is an ethereal desire.  What is the basis of this desire?  When I say focus on your desires this month, I am saying unlayer them; figure them out by picking them apart a little.  Uncover the true motivaion behind these desires.  When you do this, then the ability to see choices clearly and purely will come before you.  

After that, ideas and actions unfold quickly, so quickly you will be shocked by it!  You will have rid yourself of the clouds and begin to see more clearly.  Why do you want perfect health, a new job, or a romantic partner?  What is the desire behind the desire?  Finding your way to these things will become easier when you uncover the truth, the spiritual truth, of all these things.  

Most importantly, you must have the confidence to do so.  You are as powerful as me, and do not think otherwise.  As you would build muscle, build confidence every day.  Be bold with your self perception.  As you begin to detox, remember that you must also feed, as you are removing unhealthy energy away, but you must also replenish yourself.  Do things that give you confidence that replace discouragement.  Let yourself be strong.  Call on me for motivation, and to help you uncover your inner wisdom.  I have loved being with you.  

Weekly Spiritual Guidance January 25-February 1, 2015

This week helps usher in positive energy as we remove ourselves from drama and the need to control everything around us. Subtle energetic changes start the week off, and the middle of the week guides us to persevere and to continue reaching for our dreams and goals. A need for confidence is highlighted in the middle of the week, so do things to build up your confidence levels! The weekend shows a time of peace and relaxation (yay!), so take time to enjoy yourself.

Decks Used: Animal Spirit Guides by Steven Farmer, Messages from your Angels by Doreen Virtue

Weekly Spiritual Guidance January 19-25, 2015

The new moon this week encourages CHANGE. Things might be a little ‘heavy’ this week, but it is all about helping you go within to gain perspective and to shift your current energies, actions and thoughts. Now is a time to speak up for yourself and connect with your inner self on a deeper level. Do things out of love, and make the necessary changes to live fully and be authentic. Take action this weekend and do not focus on everything you don’t have time to do; instead do one or two things that will help give you energy!

Weekly Spiritual Guidance January 12-18, 2015

Its a sensitive week, so take good care of yourself. The entire week calls for compassion for each other. You will be extra sensitive this week, so be gentle and reassuring with yourself. Pay attention to those ‘little nudges’ you get, especially feelings in your gut! You are constanty being sent new ideas and feelings in general that are guiding you towards a better direction; pay attention to them! The weekend highlights relationships, and it looks like issues will be coming to the surface. Know that you are being helped, and practice forgiveness for the best resolution. King Solomon has a special message at the end about reaching goals!
Deck used: Archangel Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue


Weekly Spiritual Guidance January 5-11, 2015

The energy of the moon is highlighted for us this week, particularly with the full moon on Monday. The beginning of the week is a time for a renewal, and a great time to nurture your ideas and needs. Expect good things from the universe. The middle of the week may be stressful in areas of work and relationships; be compassionate with yourself and others to deal with any tough situations in order to keep energy moving swiftly. The weekend is a time to start things anew, but also to have patience with yourself. Do not rush into anything, but instead have patience and allow things to grow at their own pace.

Monthly Forecast January 2015

We are surrounded this month with our ability to meet any challenge with assertion and confidence! You have changed and grown TREMENDOUSLY, and you are putting the ‘new you’ into practice right away! Your ability to check in with your intuition is ever-growing, and this will help you move on with your life. You are guided to surround yourself with nurturing beings and environments, and may even feel called to try new things. By the end of the month, you will be ready to move in a new direction with your life, and some may experience significant life changes!

January 2015 Guidance with Vesta

I am so thrilled to begin our first month of 2015.  Many wonderful things are coming to us this year with foundations in passion and balance.  January starts us off with establishing firmly that which we learned in previous years in order to prepare us to move forward with strength.

For this month, the Ascended Master VESTA has come.  Vesta is the Roman goddess of home and hearth, as well as a sun and fire goddess.  She helps to bring love into your home and can help you clear and protect your energy, settle arguments with others, and light a fire under your passions (or help you find them).  Her personality is fiery and fierce, yet extremely nurturing and playful.  She is truly a goddess in every sense of the word, for she completely owns her power and authority with a feminine flare.  She often bounced around me, from one side to the next, as she gave her message for this month, and demanded all of my attention and focus.  


Here is her message for this month:

Well here we are, hello loved ones, especially all who identify as women!  I am thrilled to be with you, and I am here to offer you my wisdom and protection.  I hope you meditate each day and call on me, for I will help you greatly this month if you wish it.  

January may be a time to focus on boundaries.  You have been working on boundaries and being assertive, and you’ve done splendidly; so splendidly, I see a goddess in each and every one of you (the men too….remember my brothers, you need goddesses within yourself as much as gods,, if not more so).  This month please take note that you can go two ways: fall into unpleasing habits that you have worked so hard to unlearn, or establish firmly new ones and set the tone for the rest of the year!  

Say no, and say no again.  Not just to people, but this time to the UNIVERSE.  Yes, I know that you each have a soul plan, and have certain lessons to learn.  Yet, has it ever occurred to you that tough situations keep happening not because you need to learn earthly lessons, but you are still learning how to create, and what that entails?  You must see that if you keep attracting unwanted situations towards you, then you are drawing them to you because you have not yet fully understood what it means to be a creator, for who would do this to themselves on purpose?  You cannot control others but you CAN say to the universe, “No, I am saying no to this type of experience” when unwanted things come your way: let the universe know that you need and desire peace, not struggle.  And then say ‘yes’ to the wanted situations that come your way.  Demand more of them!  You are training your thoughts to focus on the wanted, and not the undesired.  

You see, you are training your minds, for I am sorry to see that many do not think they deserve ease and peace in their life, and instead believe they must constantly struggle in order to achieve that which is wanted.  This is something humans made up, and now as we enter into a new era, this is something you all are eradicating step by step.  (claps rapidly)  

Now, I want to help you, because this month you will feel you are on the BRINK of starting something, you are at the beginning of a new beginning, so call on me to help you find your way.  It is extra important for you to nurture yourself this month, especially in your home life.  This includes nurturing your higher self; connect with your higher self through meditation, and you can connect with any other loving beings that are surrounding you.  The important thing to remember this month is to create peace within yourself (so that you can maintain this throughout the year with ease), and then create peace without.  I’m here to help you be your own boss in this universe, so call on me when you need to find that inner tigress!  Love to you all!

2015 6-Month Forecast with Archangel Uriel

Happy New Year!  As we embark on 2015, we will want to make many changes in our lives.  I’ve seen and experienced many forecasts for this upcoming year from other wonderful lightworkers, and balance is a prominent theme in all these readings.  Balance will be coming in many shapes and forms on small and large scales for all of us.  You will see it in your personal lives, as well as globally.  

While it is traditional to do a forecast for the entire year, I tend to find this overwhelming.  I can hardly focus on an entire month, let alone an entire year!  Therefore, in the interest of balance, I’ve asked my heavenly helpers to only deliver message regarding the first six months.  When June comes, I will do another forecast for the last six months.  The video above sums up Archangel Uriel’s message.  The video below is the angel tarot card reading!

I requested beloved Archangel Uriel to deliver us guidance for the first half of the year.  He is the Archangel of IDEAS AND INSPIRATION, and that will also be prominent this year as we move forward.  


Personally, I like to focus on what the individual can expect and do to lead a more joyful life, rather than focus on global affairs and predictions.  However, Uriel did let me know the following:

“It is wonderful to focus on your individual self, for you are all unique.  This year, however, will be different in terms of your emphasis towards your diversity and individuality.  You will be more accepting of your uniqueness, which is something you have been striving towards, and this will cause you to be more accepting of others’ uniqueness; when this happens, you will be more group and community-driven.  You will be more willing to share your individualism, and partake in others’ individualism.  This means that you will be blending your individual self with others to create oneness.  You are ready to begin this step as a planet, and your celebration of each others’ differences will only bring you closer together, just as individual pieces create one mosaic.”  


Here are a few things Uriel talks about on a global scale, with a few specific countries highlighted:

  • Australia-more than ever, your sense of discrimination will be heightened.  Great increases in equality will occur as more people become awakened to discriminatory practices and, more importantly, will be SPEAKING UP!
  • India-the caste system has been buried in your DNA for generations.  The modern generations are helping to dissolve this, as it has been dissolving for years.  I see more people coming together to participate in regular spiritual practices as a group that promote love and acceptance.  You are being encouraged to come together as groups in your communities in common places such as homes, sitting areas and river banks rather than going to temples to encourage peace and equal treatment.
  • The Pacific Ocean will see major turmoil and storms-if you are passionate for clean oceans, continue to work towards that.
  • Western Europe will continue to prosper economically, while disparities continue to grow in Eastern Europe, to the point it will seem as if the two regions are split down the middle.  This will later on promote reconstruction because an imbalance can only grow so large before it tips over the entire scale and needs to be built again-deconstruction must happen before reconstruction.
  • Africa-sadly, the continent will continue to be isolated from the rest of the world, and I see this happening for many years to come.  There is a rise in immigration coming from Africa, and this will eventually lead to native Africans bringing back other peoples of the world to their native countries to bring awareness back to the continent.
  • United States-I see a rise in women leaders, but I do not see a woman being elected in November for president.  More people will be volunteering for grassroots movements, and you are spiritually encouraged to join groups that resonate with you.  There will be an increase in interest in E.T’s, and more information will be put forth about their earthly involvement.  Unrest involving racial injustices will grow until fabricated crises will steal attention away from protests and movements.  Be aware of group panic towards media stories and use your intuition to help decide truths.

I asked Archangel Uriel to give us some guidance and advice on a personal level, but also universally so that anyone can resonate with it.  Here is his message:

You have greatly increased your ability to create boundaries and to stand up for yourselves.  You have seen this on a personal and on a group level.  We are excited to see your strength growing, as does your wisdom and your trust of your own abilities.  You spent quite a lot of time doubting yourself for the past many years, and after letting these feelings take you over and eventually exit your body, you are ready to take charge of your life in a proactive way.

I cannot tell you how excited we are to see you as creators!  For that is, indeed, what you are: masterful creators of love.  This year, so many ideas will be pouring forth that we will give you.  Remember to not censor yourself!  These ideas, unfortunately, exit you so quickly because you do not find them reachable.  Keep a way to log these ideas and keep them with you; nurture them as you would a child, and pay attention to the ones that make you excited.  

Now I will demand, as a stern father would of his child for you to do something: connect with yourself.  You cannot delay this any further.  I am joking about being a stern father; I say this gently, but firmly.  Meditate every day.  This is vital.  You cannot move forward until you learn to listen.  Make time-15 of your minutes-for this each day.  This will bring you joy.  This will bring you joy!  This will help transform you at an accelerated rate.  Your intuition will be your most beloved and valuable tool this year, more than any other year; thereby you must learn to use it, listen to it, and be in touch with it.  

There will be times you will want to rush into action, as you will find much to be passionate about.  Remember to be patient, as you cannot change the outside as quickly as you can the inside.  It is bountiful to meditate on a decision and to nurture your passion.  We encourage you to act on your ideas, but meditate on them first to discern which ideas are being sent to you by us, and which are coming out of your ego.  Simply pay attention to that which brings you the most joy.  

Remember, do not be afraid of making wrong decisions, because “wrong” does not exist.  You cannot make mistakes in our eyes, you only can make choices.  We will love you no matter what, and help you to make the happiest choices.  Are you asking for us?  Involve us in all your conversations and thoughts.  Intend to share all thoughts and feelings with us.  Help connect with us, as we are always connecting with you.  Treat us not as masters, but as partners in your journey and your growth.

I LOVE YOU.  Annoyed by you?  At times, yes (he says this jokingly.)  Only because I love you infinitely.  Now is the time to come together in harmony with all aspects of yourself, so that you begin to come in harmony with each other.




In this card reading we look at goals, obstacles, surprises and guidance for the next six months. We also take a look at each individual month from January through June and see what the energy will be like for us! The main focus is that we will be honing our intuition and increasing our spiritual development, and this will influence you beyond measure.

Card decks used: Angel Tarot and Archangel Power Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.