Weekly Spiritual Guidance December 29, 2014-January 4, 2015

Preface: my voice sounds a bit raspy and dry. Its not because I’m sick; its because I was singing for hours before I made this video!  Singing is a great way to cleanse and renew your energy field, FYI.

This week is a double card reading using the Golden Dawn Tarot and the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards. As move into in the new year, themes of reflection are prominent throughout this week. The week starts off guiding us to use intention to stregthen our efforts. Let go, and get in touch with your spiritual self. The middle of the week might feel lonely; its because you are reviewing choices and checking to make sure you are in tune with your heart. Make sure you are honest with yourself. The weekend brings about some kind of change; encourage this change and ease into the transition through prayer and connecting with your Divine helpers. Let all your conversations with yourself also be conversations with God and your angels. They are always making the effort to communicate with us, so set the intention that you are communicating back! All in all, it seems like a constructive week for everyone. Remember you can get your own personal 6-month forecast for 2015 by going to the ‘Psychic and Angel Readings’ on the tab above.


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