Weekly Guidance October 27-November 2, 2014

Having a tough time lately? This week sees you embracing your assertiveness and independence as an energetic being! The energy for this week might feel a bit chaotic, but it is about clearing away that chaos to focus on whats important to us. Treat yourself like royalty this week and make choices out of love rather than fear. You are very in touch with how you feel about your life right now, and even though you don’t know exactly what steps to take to change it, you at least know that change is something you desire!  And Happy Halloween!  

Weekly Guidance October 13-19, 2014

This week we are asked, “What do we love about ourselves?” Its time to get in touch with your Divine self and be utterly in love! Pay attention to decisions you can make moment to moment and don’t stress out too much about planning for the future. Instead, take time to connect with the aspects of your life that are joyful NOW, and this will help connect you to new ideas and inspirations toward a more joyful life. Meditating will boost up your connect to Divine energy, which is within yourself.


Weekly Guidance October 6-12, 2014

Don’t worry about Mercury Retrograde this week…this week is all about having faith! We are guided to not be swayed by others or to invest worry into the outcome, but stick to our own beliefs and trust in our intuition and divine self. The middle of the week, with a FULL MOON, shows growth in all of our abilities, and calls for us to EMBRACE our spiritual side! Take time to be alone, meditate, and convey all your thoughts and feelings to God, angels, spirit guides….whatever you feel is right for you! The weekend tells us to not give up! Even if you’re frustrated, know that you are INDEED manifesting and changing.

October 2014 Forecast

This month is so many things wrapped into one major theme: creation. October helps us see ourselves as powerful creators! The month is wrapped in celebration of ourselves, and we are powerfully influenced by our ability to make well-informed decisions by reviewing the past and present. It looks like relationships and emotions will be much less full of drama and more smooth so that we can take this month to truly focus on ourselves. We are guided to take time to reflect and ask Archangel Jeremiel for assistance when conducting these ‘reviews’. By the end of the month, you’ll be ready to spring into action!

Blessings to you during this wondrous, joyful month.


October 2014 Guidance with Archangel Jeremiel: “FOLLOW THE LOVE.”

October is here, and so is Archangel Jeremiel!  Ol’ Jerry is the archangel of Life Review.  When souls cross over, he helps them review their recent life, but he can also help the ‘living’ review their lives as well!  He came through this month to provide us guidance for October (which I found particularly odd, but soon understood why.)

Jeremiel’s energy reminded me of, well…the actor Mark Ruffalo.  Unconventionally handsome, a little ”off”, but also endearing.  (And yes, I totally have a crush on Mark Ruffalo, so there’s that.)  Jeremiel was, for me, a difficult archangel to connect with because he felt distant, and I can only attribute this to the fact that he is on such a high vibrational plane, that we really both had to work together to bring our two energies to an energetic middle-ground so that I could receive his message.

I have looked forward to October all year, because my intuition kept telling me what a positive month it will be, even though I had no idea why.  Now that I’ve seen the preview, I’m beginning to understand why October will be so pivotal for all of us: this is, truly, the month that will set the tone for 2015.  This month is the month of major direction, of voice and of decision.  We have learned, realized and let go of so much in 2014.  It has all culminated to this: what do we want to do now?  

Archangel Jeremiel is over-seeing us this month to help us figure that out.  Call on him to do a life review of your life thus far; he will help you understand all the choices you’ve made, the situations you’ve encountered, and, most of all, he will help you find the best way to move forward as of now.  He is not here to tell you what to do, but rather to help you feel powerful enough to decide for yourself.  He really wants us to feel that we are at the mercy of nothing.  We are in complete and utter control.  



Here are some key points for October:

1.  All year you have been discovering what brings you feelings of joy, and what does not.  Now is the time to create space between yourself and what does not.  Create space between yourself and that which you worry about, until there is so much distance it is not even in your line of sight anymore.  

2.  This month is very much weighted on choice.  You can choose to overburden yourself or lighten your load; you can choose to focus on too much, or just enough; you can choose to spend time with others or spend time alone.  Either way, know that choices are highlighted for you this month, and therefore you have a strong hand in your outcome.

3.  This month will find you coming together with others in many different ways.  Be open to the possibilities of communing with like-minded friends, teachers, colleagues and more.

4.  What are the ingredients in your life that create a delicious day?  Are there unnecessary ingredients, or ones that are not so healthy?  This month sees you synthesizing those perfect elements to create your perfect life recipe.

5.  Most of 2014 has seen us let go and move on.  Look back and see what you have let go of this year, and how much you have changed.  Reflecting on this will help you decide how to move forward because you will realize how much freedom you have given yourself thus far in order to do so.

Here is Archangel Jeremiel’s Message:

Lets get down to business, as you would say.  For you are very much about business, are you not?  You want to move forward, you want that idea that you feel you are on the cusp of, that you cannot yet identify nor see, but you know it is there, like a northern wind coming down on you very soon.  I am that archangel of knowledge, the most important knowledge you contain: knowledge about yourselves.  YES, that is the most important knowledge, because you are God, you are connected to all Source, Source is inside you and outside you and all around you and within and without all things, everywhere, in all of time, being, existence, so I am here to help awaken that knowledge within you.  

Did you know this might be what you would call a ‘significant’ month for you, because this is the month where you will really push yourselves to the edge, so to speak, only to find that there is no edge, only infinite.  This month you are truly going to begin to understand what the phrase ‘inner power’ means.  

This is a joyous month of amazing discovery, a month of pursuing happiness.  All year you have been preparing for this.  All year you have been preparing to clear away the dust, the cobwebs, to find that window of light that is within you and has always been there.  This month is all about your LIGHT dear ones, all about your shining brilliance, all about focusing on not what you lack, but everything you have within your grasp.  Think of this month as the SUN, constantly shedding light on that which has been in darkness.  

Did you know that  I can help you with this?  YES, I CAN, I will, allow me to help you.  Not sure where to go or how to move forward?  Follow the joy, follow the light, follow the love.  FOLLOW THE LOVE, and find that spring in your step.  The ‘can’t’ or the worries will stay with you unless you create space between yourself and that worry.  Call on me for assistance with this journey of joy.  

Archangel Jeremiel

“Follow the love” feels like a secret message from a dying comrade who hopes you figure out the puzzle.  However, it really is the simplest form of advice: lessen the space between yourself and that which enlivens you, gives you peace, gives you joy, gives you love.  Get close enough to embrace it fully and immerse in it as much as possible.  Remember that you don’t need to have all the answers now; you just need to be on the journey.