September 2014 Guidance from Saint Germain

This month, unlike other months, when I sat down to channel a message for all of us about September, I was presented with, “Well, who would you like to come forward?”  Typically I feel the overwhelming of an angelic being and they send a message.  However, for some reason I had not thought of simply asking someone, and this month I was given the opportunity to do so.  I immediately chose Saint Germain, who is also Merlin, who is also Plato, who is also Joseph, wife of Mary, and much more.  

saint germain

Saint Germain has had many reincarnations, and you can call upon him in any form you choose.  His earthly lives were always connected to expansion and the higher evolution of humanity.  He is an Ascended Master who resides in the higher realms, and when I see him he has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen.  To me, he is the ultimate rock star, and I am a huge fan.  

September will definitely be a month that leads us into action.  Examining past situations and moving past stagnancy will be strongly apparent this month.  Finding confidence and trusting our inner power will be much easier than it has in the past.  

I asked him for some key points for September:

1. Examine how you feel as often as you can.  What are your feelings telling you right now?  What kind of feelings do you experience in certain situations?  Are they pleasurable or not?  If not, what can you do to create a better experience?  If they are pleasurable, how can  you experience that as often as possible?

2. Make time for peace.  What do you do currently that makes you feel NOT at peace, but in turmoil?  Is it an activity, or simply the way you think about something?  

3. WHY aren’t you devoting to things you love, and what can you do to remedy that?  This does not require a complete overhaul of your life, but merely a different way of looking at something.  New perspectives are coming to you.

4. If you’re feeling stuck, pray for a solution and affirm it has been delivered to you.

5. Now more than ever, our thoughts, feelings and ideas that come to us are divinely sent.  If these feelings are attached with love, they come from Heaven.  Notice if there is fear or ego attached to these feelings, are if you are adding this later.  

Here is his direct message for us:

Hello dear ones, ascension dwellers, magnificent beings of light!  I am Saint Germain, keeper of violet, magician, what you call ascended master, yet I am love, pure consciousness, just as you are.  Your recent time can only be described by you as that of misery, longing and unrest.  I am here to tell you that as a being who has lived MANY earthly lives, I relate to what you have been experiencing.  Do not fear, as you are in a shift.  You have connected more with your truth, your spirit, your love, your consciousness, which is your source, THE source, of all life.  You are facing the unknown, experiencing feelings that have been unknown to your before, and all seems like you are drifting through a fog of unknowing.  You must realize that all you need to know is all that you know already, and that knowing more is simply discovering what you have already known always.  

This month will bring surprises that are brought from your inner strength; discoveries brought from your inner being; and you will have a clearer direction, a clearer picture of who you are and how you want to live.  Changes are coming for all of you, but it starts with you bringing about the change.  How does one do this, you ask.  Do you truly want the change?  Are you willing to give up that which has become familiar to you, both on the inside and the out?  Are you ready to create something newer, which is actually more original than how you have lived the past thousands of years.  If you are indeed ready, your soul will bring about these changes with the help of all those who watch over you, guide you and love you in these higher dimensions.  

The best thing you can do this month is to recognize where you need to create space.  You are weighed down by your many needs, responsibilities and so-called necessities.  I tell you, create space among all of these things.  Evaluate what you can do away with, what you can cut out, and begin the very necessary and liberating process of letting go.  This applies to all material aspects, as well as spiritual and emotional and mental aspects as well.  You only see duality, the have and have not, but once you begin to let go, you will shift your thinking into one of non-duality.  You can not mentally understand this until you have experienced it, but you spiritually know it.  Your inner being, your higher self, knows all this already.  Your physical brain will fight you knowing this, because your current world demands a world of duality in order to exist on your material plane.

Therefore, to become more one, let go slowly, and easily, so you can become one with everything that you are.  You might fear letting go, but you are not losing anything…not your identity, your way of being, because truly these things are falsehoods.  You are only eliminating that which holds you back.  Once you contnue to let go, you will find it easier to create, accept new ideas and to move forward and take action, because now you have the space to do it.  New feelings and inner peace will more easily find their way to you.

We love you and are here for you always

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