Guidance for August 2014 from Archangel Ariel

There is a wonderful scene in the film Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part II, where (spoiler alert!) Harry dies and his soul passes into what we could call “the waiting room.”  There he meets the spirit of his mentor Professor Dumbledore, who guides him, if somewhat cryptically, through his questions and speculations.  I don’t need to go through the entire scene, but the one part I want to point out is when Harry asks the Professor, “Is this all real?  Or is it just happening inside my head?” to which the Professor replies, “Of course its happening inside your head, Harry!  Why should that mean its not real?”

Whether you’ve read the books or seen the movie or not, let this be a guiding thought for you this month: Just because its happening inside your head does not mean its not real.  Let the phrase “its just your imagination” lose validity from your consciousness, and embrace the truth that what happens inside your mind is, in fact, more real than what happens outside of it.  I might just be suggesting that our current concept of “reality” can be switched around with our current concept of imagination.  Our current world is, in fact, a material manifestation of our spiritual growth, and only temporary; our spirits, ourselves, are more real than this world and are infinite in space and time.

I mention this because this month of August, we will be pushed to not just recognize ourselves as Divine creators, but wholly change our mindset.  Instead of just reminding ourselves that we are spirits, this month is about embracing this truth so that we see through our spiritual eyes and not our physical ones.  Since our imaginations are a direct link to our Divine power, its time to understand that when things, such as meditations, happen inside your head, it is just as “REAL” as that tree outside your window.  Your mind, your visualizations and your imagination are powerful!  When you return to your spirit form, you will see that the INSTANT you think of something, it manifests right in front of you.  Since we live on a material plane, it takes longer for manifestation to occur; however, it still happens.  This is why we must not only try to stay positive, but more importantly, say “yes” to this concept.  In doing so, you say “yes” to your true self: Yes, you are Divine, and yes, you can create whatever you want.  You’ve got the power!

Archangel Ariel came through this month and delivered what I must say is the most ethereal message I’ve received as of yet.  Ariel is indeed a “lioness of God” as her name suggests.  Although the angels do not have a gender, she displayed a very feminine energy to me when connecting with her, and I cannot describe how ENORMOUS her presence is.  She very much felt like a QUEEN, extremely powerful and very gracious (and somewhat of a diva…I could feel Archangel Michael poking fun at her).  She is best known as the archangel of nature and animals, and that is apparent as she has a very “Mother Earth” energy.  She can also be considered an angel of new beginnings, which is what August is all about: new beginnings from within ourselves.




Since August marks that we are over half-way through the year 2014, it seems fitting that we are being pushed to make important changes from within.  Here is some information and key points from Ariel about this month:

1) This is our turning point month–we are applying our emotional lessons and initiating changes that set the tone for the rest of the year

2) Continue to stay in touch with your feelings and release all that no longer serves you.

3) Your life is not YOU–you are a Divine being.  Be in touch with this aspect about yourself.

4) Everything happens in cycles.  If you look at nature, it operates this way, and so do you.  Recognize that you are continuously going through a cycle of growing, blooming, releasing, resting and growing again.  There is no END GOAL.

5) If you want to accomplish something, you must stop worrying about how the end result will occur, and simply embrace the current process of being and doing the change.

6) You must constantly remind yourself of your beauty and love.  Practice eye-gazing in the mirror to bring this about.  Look in a mirror and gaze deeply into your own eyes for an extended period of time.  You will see your soul.  Do this often so that you can truly realize the Divine within you.

7)  You will need to clear your chakras often this month, and ground yourself, as it will be a sensitive and emotional month.  

Here is Archangel Ariel’s direct message to us:

Dear Beloved Ones,

I AM ARIEL, Queen of Nature and Divine Strength!  I call on you now to embrace YOUR Divine Strength!  Cease to resist your true nature and begin to create your experience!  DO NOT WAIT for circumstances to come into your life, changing your outer world.  Do you not realize that nothing will truly change, no matter how many new people, jobs or homes enter your life?  The change comes from within, and all new things in your outer world will never bring that change you crave until you transform your inner being!

You ask, then, how can I change from within when my life is so lacking now?  You must first recognize that you are resisting who you are.  Look around you, and accept your current circumstances, but know that this is not you.  Now see YOU, a being of LIGHT AND LOVE, a great powerful creator of manifestation, and accept this.  Surrender to your great power.  When you do this, you HEAL, and bring forth the change you desire, because you have transformed your inner world, and that is where it all begins.

This will indeed be a month of surrender.  You decide to surrender controlling the outcome, surrender to controlling others, and allow yourself to surrender to your own inner truth.  Do you not feel how powerful you are?  You are blocked by worry and trying too hard.  Success is near, and you have felt this coming.  You can SEE you are near what you call a “breakthrough!”  You are frustrated because you are expecting a well-defined idea, a material idea, of how your life can be–a new job, location or relationship.  This is not the breakthrough, but rather the connection to your Divine Self is.

We are SO CLOSE to you this month, and this is because you will have lots of emotional ups and downs–doubts, release of doubts, sorrows, release of sorrows, and so forth.  Relationships and communication will develop, but your acceptance of yourself is what will move you forward.  Again, I say, stop resisting.  You resist yourself, your life, because of fear.  Let us be close to you and help you with this.  When you are in pain, bring all your focus to the pain and tell us to help you release it.  Then fill yourself with as much gratitude as possible, because this will help you embrace your manifestation powers.

Your focus is to not worry, but be.  Be who you are and become familiar with that idea.  You are not how you are living your life–you are the center of the universe.  Reconnect with that.  You are very supported, and we are helping you transition into the present and away from the ego.  Call upon us always.  


Well, it is rather cryptic, is it not?  What Ariel is urging us to do is to be present.  We are currently seeking changes in our life, but what she is pointing out is that no matter how many changes we make, we will always be looking for the next change to make.  Therefore, we can change anything about our lives as much as we want, but still be left unsatisfied because we are always seeking yet another thing to transform.  We will continue to feel unsatisfied unless we connect with our timeless selves.  The first thing to do is: accept that you are Divine, instead of just thinking about it.  BE where you are, and be who you are.  Remember we are human beings, not human doings.  

Whether you live comfortably with countless amenities, or in an underdeveloped part of the world, this applies to us all.  When she speaks of “surrender”, she is not asking you to give up, but rather stop fighting against how your life is currently.  When we fight, we create more obstacles, mainly within ourselves.  Instead of fighting, you must accept.  Only when you do this, can you make ROOM for changes and take actions to improve your situation.  By accepting, you become present, instead of always thinking and worrying about the future.  When you are present, you are open to inspiration, which leads, ALWAYS, to change.  Then you will have nothing to fight against.  

The angels are extremely close with us during August, so call upon them for support and guidance every day!  Remember, however, that you are just as powerful, loving and beautiful, and this is what they want us to remember.  When we surrender to this realization–that we are Divine–all our seeming problems will dissolve, and we will move forward fearlessly.  Make time to connect with your Divine self each and every day.  

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