July 2014 Guidance with Archangel Chamuel

July might seem a far cry from June.  In June, we were guided to devote as much time as possible to our loves and passions, and to embrace the manifestations that came from this.  July now might seem like a step back, but really its two steps forward.  This month, simply put,  is about finding yourself through major release, and Archangel Chamuel is here to help us.

Typically when I do automatic writing, I go on a meditational journey and request that the overseeing Archangel blends their energy with mine so that I can fully immerse myself in their speech.  I typically receive certain feelings that are often difficult to describe in our limited form of communication.  The best word I can choose to describe Archangel Chamuel’s energy is SAFETY.  I never felt so incredibly safe and looked after as I did in the time he blended with me.  I am, as always, left in complete awe.

Archangel Chamuel’s name means “he who sees God.”  Chamuel can see everything, including lost objects and solutions to problems.  He also helps with relationships (including your relationship with yourself), which will be VERY important this month.  His style of speech was short and very “to-the-point”, almost in a terse yet loving manner.  I felt like I was listening to an instruction manual!  He is very down-to-earth and has some solid advice for us this month.  You definitely want to ask him to be by your side this July!  Or, as he would prefer, simply demand it.


Here are some key points for us this month:

1) Don’t be afraid to let go.  What might seem like losses are simply ways for you to now make room for other things.  A “clearing house” phenomenon of sorts.

2) Now is the time to use your manifestation powers.  DEMAND what you need from the universe, instead of hoping for it or timidly asking for it.

3) Connecting with nature is the closest and easiest way to connect with Divine energy.  Make time for it in whichever way you choose, whether its being outside, sitting by your houseplants, spending time with animals, or bringing fresh flowers into your home.

4) If you are stubborn about change, change will be that much harder to come about!


Here is his direct message to us:

Hello loved ones!  I am Archangel Chamuel, and I am pleased to be here with you!  I am known as the Archangel of that which is Lost, and I am here to let you know that it is time to find yourself this month.  I want you to know that when you are in a state of despair over what has been lost in your life, you focus all your energy on what has been lost, and this creates a massive void.  You must replace this seeming loss with something that you create.

To be simple, when you have encountered that something is no longer in your life, you must see that there is now room for other things that you previously did not have room for.  Therefore, you must look at this month as a chance t o grow from within.  If you have a dead plant in your garden, you will dig it up and throw it away, and replace it with a new one.  Treat your losses in life with this process.  Mourn if you must, and then replace.

I want you to know that you can stop holding yourself back now from the many excuses you have had for yourself when comitting to certain ideas or projects.  You have seen that when you truly devote your time, thoughts and energy into something, that it rewards you with, at the very least, feelings of satisfaction, pleasure and joy.  Now that you are beginning to understand this, you will see that eventually you must cut negative circumstances or situations out of your life in order to truly pursue these joys that you are discovering.

Be prepared to release and move on not just with the material goods but to move on with a new identity, which is your truer identity.  You cannot do anything wrong in this process, because this is a journey you are choosing, and there is nothing wrong about choices.  If you are stuck, that is why I am here: to show you the way.  To help you find what you have lost when you decided to come down to Earth as a human.  Blessed you all are for taking on this great feat to accelerate your own growth.  Remember we are always here to help you and intervene if you simply ask us.


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