June 2014 Guidance with Archangel Raguel

Ah, June!  Thank goodness June is here!  This month we get a break from all the intensity we’ve been going through this year.  This will be a month of action and activity, even though it might not always be in the traditional sense.  A lot of our activity will be happening with our thoughts and feelings, but the unique part is that it will lead us to take outer action, rather than to dwell on these thoughts and feelings like we have been doing for what seems like such a long time.  


This month we get some solid (and somewhat pushy) advice from Archangel Raguel.  I was quite surprised to get a message from this archangel, as I have never (to my knowledge) developed a relationship with him.  Raguel has quite a tough personality, but doesn’t mind poking fun at you, from what I could gather.  He is the Archangel that is best known for harmonious relationships, and therefore is quite straight-forward.  He isn’t afraid to tell us flat out the honest truth about a situation, because he knows it will bring the necessary healing that is required for us to move forward.  

In addition, Archangel Raziel is working in partnership with Raguel.  When I connected with Raguel, a swirling energy of a colorful rainbow enveloped us, and Raziel gave a quick, “Hey, we’re working as partners; I am going to help too.”  Although Raguel did all the talking, it was nice to know they were tag-teaming it.  Raziel is the archangel of universal wisdom.  He can help you heal issues from past lives, recall lessons that you have accumulated from past lives, and help dissolve any past issues.  He is also a grand teacher, being the archangel of wisdom and all.  Ask him any question at any time, and he will provide you an answer.  After all, we are quite ready for some answers, aren’t we?


Here are the key points for June that AA Raguel provided for us:


Now is the time to have more confidence in yourself this month, and you will find it comes easier than it ever has before.

Your place and function in your relationships will change, as this is something you have been praying for.  Be prepared to see this changes occur, and BE WILLING to function in these relationships in a new way.

Let go of any fear or worry about change; stop resisting and embrace whatever change comes.  This includes changes in how you feel, think and act.

Enthusiasm for different areas of your life will be felt.  You will have more energy for these areas than you have before.

June brings a feeling of renewal, as the last 6 months have been a significant cleansing period.

Keep working towards your goals, with your relationship with yourself at the forefront.

Now more than ever, it is important to spend at least 5 minutes a day in meditation, as this will catapult your self-healing and important realizations into your conscious being.

Don’t let others influence you by pressuring you into doing, feeling or saying things you don’t want to do, feel or say.  Be who you are and love yourself for it!

Create little goals for yourself each day that you can knowingly accomplish.  This will help your confidence and growth.

For goodness sakes, smile!  Make room for fun and laughter, even if you are in tough circumstances; when you worry and feel weight upon you all the time, you end up manifesting more things to worry about.

Archangel Raguel’s Message:

Hello Little Children,

I am Archangel Raguel, your angel of hopes, dreams and harmony.  I am known for helping to bring harmony to relationships, and this month I am here mainly to help you with your relationship with yourself.  This is indeed the most important relationship of all, is it not?  From here stems the nature of all other relationships in your life.  From your center grows your thought patterns, reactions, personalities, actions, goals, dreams and so forth.  

Many of you are quite self-sacrificial.  This is quite bewildering to us, and we are here to tell you that this is never necessary.  Your number one mission is to love yourself fully and completely, yet we understand that for many of you, this is the most difficult thing of all.  We see you distract yourselves on a daily basis and avoid spending time with yourself.  We understand many of you are quite busy, yet also you tell yourself that you simply don’t have the time to be with yourself.  

Please know that you cannot delay anymore if you wish to find your joy.  All your joy comes within, as you are a part of the Divine Creator, and all you are, as is the Creator, pure love.  When you discover that perfection within yourself, you shall not want for anyone else to provide it to you.  Only when this happens can you truly embrace all the love the Universe has to offer you.  This month it is important to embrace and accept every aspect of yourself fully.  If you are unhappy with something about your person, work on changing it and simply ask us to help you with that aspect.  Or simply ask us to help you with everything.  Again, no self-sacrifice; let us work together on this.

Whereas much of this year you have been met with outer challenges, this month will be inner challenges.  However, you will welcome these subtle, soft and gentle inner challenges because you are ready for them.  You are ready for action and change.  You will want to be active this month.  Realize that being active does not always mean to be moving at a fast pace physically.  Some of your action this month will be to sort out your feelings about all of your being.  Write down memories, feelings and so forth to help you develop your relationship with yourself.  Make time for yourself each day so that this healing and eventual manifestation can occur quickly.  You KNOW that it is time.  

Talk to us always, and let us help you with this journey.  This will be a joyful month with important clarity.  Each morning when you awaken, sit still and bring your attention to your heart center.  Repeat these affirmations: “My life is in harmony with my heart.  My life is in harmony with myself.  My life is in harmony with Universal Love.”  Learn to love yourself infinitely as we love you. 

Raguel’s point here is that we must stop relying on validation from others because we will find the most harmony in validating ourselves.  Easier said than done!  However, that’s where the affirmations comes in; we can train our conscious mind to accept this.  When we do that, we will stop relying on joy coming in from outer sources, and instead see that it is within us and always has been.  That is the moment when we suddenly realize how much infinite joy we have the ability to create.  Have a conversation with Raguel each day this month to help you with this task.  

Wishing you a month full of joy and blessings!



5 thoughts on “June 2014 Guidance with Archangel Raguel

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  2. Dear Maria,

    What a comforting & beautiful message that AA Raguel & Raziel has brought to us. It’s really uncanny how these experiences and messages really resonated with me so strongly. I’m going through these internal struggles right now, and this has affected my relationship with people around me as well. It’s really important that we learn to harmonise with ourselves first before we can have a stable and secure relationship with others — friends, family & partners.

    Truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for these signs & blessings coming from you. I’ve really enjoyed watching your weekly videos & reading these wonderful messages. 🙂 Looking forward for more of messages from the angels from you! ❤

    Hope you have a great week ahead!!

    xx Grace xx

    • Grace, I’m so touched and so thankful for your sweet words. I’m also so excited that soon you will be emerging into a *new* you. ❤ You are super amazing, thank you for everything you do!

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