Weekly Oracle Card Reading May 26-June 1, 2014

This final week of May is an emotional week that culminates all the lessons we have learned this month. Be prepared for some upheaval, but know that it is part of your journey towards a happier you. This week is a new moon, so a new cycle begins! New cycles always bring challenges, but we will be able to meet them with Heavenly and Earthly support around us.

Weekly Oracle Card Reading May 12-18, 2014

This week we are guided to pay attention to and follow our instincts and emotions! This will be very empowering for us and we will be able to recognize our achievements thus far. Don’t make any rash decisions simply because you want to get things moving! Now is the time to reflect and strengthen your intuition. You can trust and be true to yourself! Don’t forget to lighten up your energy with some fun and relaxation!

Weekly Oracle Card Reading May 5-11, 2014

This week we take great strides in moving forward. We embrace a week of being in touch with our emotions, healing from past hurts and staying true to ourselves. It is a week of new beginnings and letting go! Remember you are always being guided and protected by your Heavenly Helpers!

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Monthly Forecast May 2014

This month we are headed towards balance, surprises and expansion! It is a month draped in self-discovery as we heal relationships, receive opportunities for growth in our career and home lives, and become more in touch with our feelings and our true nature. This month will be a tad earth-shattering, but in a beautiful way! We are guided to accept the change so we can easily move forward; if we resist it, it will be more difficult! By the end of the month, you will be better equipped to make decisions and have better realizations about where you are headed and how you want to get there!

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May Guidance from Archangel Azrael



We welcome May with open and eager arms as we are ready to move past the very heavy energy of April.  In April many of our issues came bubbling to the surface, forcing us to deal with them and reexamine our thoughts, feelings, relationships, goals and more.  This was felt on a planetary level and manifested in countless ways, from personal relationships to worldwide protests occurring in public streets.  

May is our time to pull back and apply what we have learned in a slow and gentle way.  As we do this, we will come to some very significant yet timely realizations about ourselves and our lives.  This month Archangel Azrael wishes to give us some beautiful advice and guidance to help us through this very rewarding month.  

Archangel Azrael is known as the “angel of death”, but that does not mean he comes and swallows your soul on your deathbed dressed in a scary black robe.  Instead he is a grief counselor, and guides souls lovingly and gently as they cross over, in addition to helping those left behind on Earth with their grief from losing a loved one.  He is a helper of transition, and his name means “whom God helps.”  

Here are some important guidelines for May:

1. It is important to be yourself; the best way to do this is to be honest with yourself about your feelings about EVERYTHING.

2. Do not worry or be afraid of change; some drastic things must occur in order to speedily bring you to the place that you have been desiring for the past several months

3. If you have not already, create a safe space in your home that is yours and only yours, whether it be a chair in a corner of a room or an entire room to yourself.  Let this be your sanctuary, as you will need plenty of alone-time this month.

4. Be ready to let go of the old; only when we do this can we usher in the new.

5. It is time to reflect on your relationship with your parents, whether they are here on Earth or have crossed over.  Focus especially on your childhood, and simply review these memories.  Great insight will come as a result.

Here is our channeled message:

Dear Loved Ones,

Hello hello hello!  I am Archangel Azrael, and I know that the channel is confused as to why I am bringing you your message for May.  I will tell you now, that it is I who helps you with moving on, confronting hurts and transitioning to the light.  This is exactly every person’s mission this month: to transition towards the light.  I do not mean in the sense of  “death’’, although there truly is no such thing as death; instead, there are only new ways of taking life.  I do mean, however, that YOU are moving faster towards LIGHT-heartedness, and letting light shed into your lives.  

Expect this month to confront some heavy truths, but know that we angels are helping you with this confrontation.  This is a very necessary step in order to move towards the light.  After this month, you will feel more relaxed and more rejuvenated about who you are and where you are headed.  Please know that we are helping you to do this as gently as possible, and we urge you to not worry or be afraid.  In the end, when this process is finished (for now, as this process is forever and on-going), you will feel LIGHT as a feather.  All your heavy weight and baggage will be lifted off of you, and you will have the essence of floating along your path.

Call on me for help with this transition.  Call on me for help with healing from any lingering issues, hurts and the like.  Call on all us angels for guidance and invite us into every aspect of your life.  We LOVE you and are with you always.  Do not be afraid to move on!

Connecting with Azrael is truly magnificent in every sense of the word.  As I feel his energy blend with mine, I can see pure white lights dancing everywhere, and I could feel his arms envelop me in a giant, angelic hug.  He is truly pure LOVE, and I could feel it in every inch of my body.  I invite you to ask for his help and guidance every day this month to open the doorway of connection between the two of you.  Remember that angels are omnipresent, as they are not limited by physical bodies, and can be in millions of places at once.  Therefore, the instant you call on them, they are with you, no matter whoever else they are with at the time.  

Many blessings to you during this wonderful month!  Don’t forget to check out the MAY FORECAST angel tarot reading as well