Weekly Oracle Card Reading Feb 24-March 2, 2014

What a happy week! We are reminded this week we are guided and protected, we can breathe easy because a tough situation has ended, we can follow our heart and listen to our dreams, stop doing that which no longer serves and be open to receiving all the gifts we have attracted! We will see ourselves as loving and powerful beings, continue to take good care of ourselves, and even receive some rewards as we continue to heal ourselves and let ourselves grow.

Weekly Oracle Card Reading Feb 17-23, 2014

This week negative energies are still lifting and others’ influence on us continues to be a challenge. To counteract this, begin the week with playful and loving energy by doing something for pure fun and joy. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities in the middle of the week and call on your angels and guides to keep your spirits up. Its most important to have faith. The weekend has us thinking about what we want for ourselves as we slowly continue to see ourselves as powerful and loving creators. We are guided to think in realms of short-term goals to realize our dreams more easily. This week we are assured that negative energies are indeed lifting as we embrace our true selves more fully!

Weekly Oracle Card Reading February 10-16, 2014

Its a double-card reading this week! The beginning of the week we are asked to begin healing any issues we have with the feminine (particularly motherly) energies and beings in our life and to have the tough but necessary heartfelt conversations. This will open the door to receiving. The middle of the week sees us becoming more engaged as we practice the power of positive thinking! The weekend brings us a positive change, and we are encouraged to embrace our fun-loving nature. Watch out for the full moon on Friday!

Weekly Oracle Card Reading 2/3-2/9/14

This week kicks off February with wrapping up old energies and embracing new ones. We are asked to fully embrace our new, true selves and know that it is safe to do so. We are protected no matter what comes at us. The middle of the week asks us to look after ourselves, as there will be some harsh energies floating around. The weekend offers us reassurance and possibly a sign that we are on the right path.

Monthly Forecast for February 2014

This month pushes us forward towards embracing ourselves fully! We are surrounded with the energy of change, desire and wonderment. This month will help us to fully let go of that which holds us back so we can make room for the new. You will experience a new passion for your life and be delighted with who you are. Bonds that help us move forward could be formed with like-minded individuals, whether they come from new or old relationships. This month is all about PASSION and believing in ourselves!