Receiving a Psychic Reading: What You Need to Know!


Before the internet became a household utility, seeing a psychic required a person to perhaps find a metaphysical store, browse the yellow pages or walk by a tarot reader’s shop and schedule a reading.  Now you can find thousands of online psychics and receive guidance with a few clicks!  However, there are important things you need to know before putting down good money for a psychic reading.



First of all, you should know that YOU are psychic also.  In fact, every human on this planet has psychic abilities.  We are all born with them, because they are an inherent part of our DNA and spiritual makeup.  We are all born with the ability to have thoughts and feelings, which ARE psychic abilities.  


Like ANY ability, we have to use it to make it a strong and active skill.  For example, you are born with the ability to play the piano.  You might never learn how to USE this ability, but you are still born with it.  If you do decide to take lessons and practice on a regular basis, you might become really good at it!  In fact, you might discover that you have a talent for it.  The same goes with all psychic abilities.  If you decide to learn how to use them, your abilities will improve.  There are people with more talent for it, but everyone has the ability.  

psychic ball


The word “psychic” comes from the Greek word “psychikos” which can be translated to English as ”of the mind” and also means “soul.”  Psychic information is literally information coming from a soul level, BEYOND the physical realm.  We all have souls, and that is why we are all psychic.  Other terms that have been used for the word ”psychic” have been ”ESP” (extra-sensory perception), “Sixth Sense”, or “Supersensory.”  

Being psychic means you have the ability to SENSE beyond your physical senses and perceive beyond the physical world.  Psychic information is delivered through thoughts, feelings and ideas.  Sometimes you can’t always explain these things which you sense, but you can still sense them!  Here are a few examples:

  • Walking into a room and immediately feeling uncomfortable, even though you have no ”logical” reason as to why

  • Having a solution to a problem pop into your head without knowing where it comes from

  • Feeling inspiration to create a work of art or piece of music

These are just basic things in our every day lives that demonstrate how we all experience psychic phenomena on regular occurrences, even though they are all very different from each other.  Let’s explore the different ways to receive psychic information.  



We all receive psychic information in one way or another, but professional psychics have ideally honed and trained these specific senses for many years before doing readings for clients.  Many psychics will discover that they have a talent for one or two specific areas, and will stick with just using these particular ones when doing readings.  

Here are the official terms for the most common areas of psychic reception (all words are French in origin):

  1.  Clairvoyance=”Clear seeing”  This is the ability to “see” in your mind’s eye pictures, words, symbols and so forth.

  2. Clairaudience=”Clear hearing”  This is the ability to “hear” (not physically, but mentally), words, phrases, sounds, music and more.  Has a song ever randomly popped into your head, and you can HEAR it without physically hearing it?  That’s clairaudience!  

  3. Clairsentience=”Clear feeling”  This is probably the most common psychic ability that everyone uses, whether they are a professional or not.  This is the ability to feel what others are feeling, and sense a feeling of an environment, time period or situation.  It is strongly related to empathy.  If you have ever felt empathy for anyone, you have used your clairsentience.

  4. Clairalience=”Clear smelling”  This means smelling fragrances or odors out of the blue!  One example is when I randomly smelled a cooked turkey while doing a mediumship reading with a client.  I had connected to his uncle, who often joined him at Thanksgiving and was sending that memory to me through smell.  If you randomly smell things at rare occurrences, it might be a loved one letting you know, “I am here.

  5. Claircognizance=”Clear knowing”  This is the most difficult psychic ability, in my opinion, to clarify.  This is when ideas just pop into your head or you just KNOW things about a certain someone or something.  However, it is very important to verify WHERE the information is coming from, as we are always receiving ideas from multiple sources.

So, you might be wondering, “Why all this?  Why can’t we just get a straight message?”  Well, its not like receiving a phone call!  When retrieving specific psychic information, we are communicating with another dimension, which is filmed with an energy field that protects the lower energies of one dimension seeping into the energies of a higher dimension.  Therefore, information comes in bits and pieces, and can often be muddled.  Its like trying to have a conversation underwater; you can sort of see and hear what the other person is saying, but its not entirely clear.  This is why it is SO important for psychics to verify everything they are receiving, which is what we will discuss next.  



Now that you know how we all receive information, how do professional psychics turn this information into a message over to their client?  I am going to tell you how a GOOD psychic with high integrity works.  


They always check with their intuition and verify EVERYTHING.  Lets say a client asks a psychic, “Will I ever get married?”  The psychic will see a picture of two wedding rings.  If they don’t do their job, they will say immediately, “I see two wedding rings.  Yes, you will!”  However, if they do their job correctly, they will check with their intuition and guides and ask many detective-like questions, such as, “Do these rings signify marriage for this person?”  If they receive a “yes”, then they can pass that onto the client.  If they receive a ”no”, then they have more questions to ask!  The rings might signify the client’s HOPES, but not the reality.  In any case, a psychic has to ask a LOT of questions in order to make sure they give the correct message.  

They tell you everything they are seeing/hearing/feeling before interpretation.  A client might ask, “Should I move to Hawaii?”  The psychic might see palm trees, so they say, “I see palm trees.”  Then they see a rainstorm, so they say, “I see a rainstorm.”  Then they might feel a stressful feeling, and relay that to the client.  Then they see sunshine, a happy family, and a feeling of love and togetherness.  After telling the client this, they will ask what it all means, one item at a time.  The point is, they don’t see the palm trees and immediately say, “Yes, you should move!” or the rainstorm and say, “No, its going to be stormy there!”  Through some detective work they can connect the dots, as the images are usually symbols or representations for a deeper meaning; rarely are they literal.  It could mean the move would be rough and difficult at first, but then things will settle and it will turn out to be a better family life.  


They don’t give their opinion unless you ask for it.  As a psychic, its not my place to advise my client.  If I advise them, it is based off of my own ego, human experiences and judgment, and not connected to spiritual messages.  My only job is to relay any and all information I am psychically receiving.  Only if you ASK for my opinion will I give it to you, but that is not part of the reading.  If they ask, “Is it right for me to take this job?” I won’t give them my opinion.  I will only tell them, “If you take this job, THIS is what I’m seeing for you….”  Ultimately YOU are in control and nothing is either ”right” or “wrong”-it simply just IS.  


It won’t be generic.  A typical psychic won’t be able to give you a reading so detailed that it seems like they are reading from your own autobiography, (remember, they’re communicating in a non-human way with another dimension!) but they SHOULD be able to give you some information that feels specific to you. However, there are times when psychics aren’t able to establish a connection with a client.  This is due to the client not being allowed to know any more information about a certain matter, or maybe the psychic and client’s energies are too misaligned to connect, or the client themselves might be closed off to the experience, which completely puts up an energetic wall that the psychic can’t penetrate.  If this happens, I immediately tell the client that I am unable to receive information at this time for them, and if they’ve paid up front, I return their money.  Its a matter of personal and professional ethics.  If you find a psychic unable to really help you or establish a connection after 5 minutes, you should cut off the reading.  


tarot reader


There are many different tools and methods psychics use.  If we have all these natural abilities to communicate, what’s the point of tools?  Tools help us to HONE IN on the specific and necessary messages.  With so much information coming at us, its helpful to have EARTHLY components to help create a specific message, as psychics ARE earthly beings and we are existing on a material plane.  Some tools and methods psychics use are:


  • Tarot or Oracle Cards, Runes, and I-Ching for divination and clear-cut messages
  • Astrology, Numerology and Palmistry to get a better understanding of the client
  • Crystals to magnify specific energies or scrying (crystal balls)
  • Pendulums and dowsing techniques for verification
  • Music, sage and incense to raise vibrations of the physical world to easily transcend and receive messages of other dimensions

These are some basics, but there are many, many more ancient methods and tools that are used.  It just depends on the particular strengths of the psychic and their personal preferences.  Personally, I love the use of cards, as they will narrow down the important message and help piece together the details, and crystals, which help amplify and ground my energy.  



You must be informed that YOU must prepare as well when receiving a reading.  Your reading with a psychic will be much stronger, clearer and precise if you are open to the experience and unafraid.  People who don’t believe or are skeptical unknowingly put up an energetic wall that makes it difficult to penetrate.  Deep down they don’t want the experience, and the psychic can feel this in addition to not being able to receive clear information.  Know that an ethical psychic will not ask to see any information about you that you want to keep personal.  I myself will not violate those boundaries, and I hold the same expectation for other readers.  As a client, you only need to take a few minutes to focus on breath and center yourself, and repeat several times, “I am open to this experience.”  This will attune you to the energy of the reading.  Ask your guides and angels to be with you and help you receive the necessary information for your inquiry.



Knowing how psychics work will adjust your expectations and help you know what to look for when seeking out a reading!  It is important to note that even if someone claims to be psychic, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are good or even ethical.  Scam artists and energy thieves exist in ALL professions.  If within the first few minutes a psychic doesn’t feel ”right” to you, you should end your session immediately, even if you can’t explain that feeling.  Don’t waste your money!    


The point of a psychic reading is to help bring you clarity to light your path to joy.  The ONLY reason to be a professional psychic is to help people.  If you ask, “Why, if they are so spiritual, do they do it for money then?”  Like any human being, psychics have to make a living, and have chosen a profession that they have skills and talents for.  If a person is good at caring for people, they might become a nurse or a childcare worker.  If someone is excellent with numbers and loves analyzing, they might become an accountant.  Either way, the spiritual world understands that here on Earth, we have currency and need to support ourselves and our families financially.  


I will say that if someone comes to me TOO many times, I will turn them away.  Psychic addiction is a terrible thing, and I know that if I continue to read for the person (for instance, if they come to me 5 times in 2 months), that I am not helping them.  Instead, they are relying too much on others to tell them what to do, and this is not healthy.  I will instead lead them to sources that will help them rely on their OWN inner guidance.  


I have seen numerous psychics and readers, some excellent and some terrible.  My hopes is that you can avoid a negative experience with a psychic after reading this information.  I also know what its like to desperately seek guidance yet not be able to afford common rates for psychics.  Therefore, I offer $10 readings for those needing guidance in one area of their lives, which is located under the ”Psychic & Angel Readings” tab on this website.  Many blessings in your future readings!  

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