Lunar Cycles: How To Optimize Your Life with the Moon


Lunar cycles have an affect on us all whether we consciously realize it or not.  Ancient civilizations associated gods and goddesses with the power of the moon.  The moon’s gravitational pull alone directs us physically, emotionally and mentally.  The moon is, after all, responsible for our ocean’s tides, and if it can affect this major component of our planet (remember, Earth is mostly water), it can definitely affect the entire planet in one way or another.  I encourage you to learn about the different lunar cycles and how to work with them to optimize your life.  A brief guide is below: 

Overview of Lunar Cycles:


 New Moon/Crescent Moon: New Moon=new projects and beginnings!  This is an optimal time to make fresh starts.  If you’re feeling restless and emotional during a new moon, it signifies that you are ready to do new things in a new way.  Start making wishes!


First Quarter Moon:  Now is the time to take action.  The first quarter Moon occurs seven days after the new moon.  Do some concrete, practical actions for all those wishes and goals you made during the New Moon phase.


The Gibbous Moon/Waxing Moon: Now the Moon is appearing larger as it progresses towards a Full Moon.  This signifies movement forward.  If you began something during the Gibbous Moon, you should start seeing results now.  Remember, these results could be subtle, so it requires some reflection on your part.  


The Full Moon: Its harvest time!  This is when the lunar energies are at their peak, as well as your own emotions.  Projects you began with the New Moon will come to fruition.  Its rare that harvest happens in 2 weeks, however; it could be up to 6 months.  Be patient, and keep following the cycles.  If you started something 6 months ago at New Moon, you should begin to see some major results!


The Disseminating Moon/Waning Moon: Now the Moon starts to return to a New Moon.  This is a time for thinking and pondering.  Evaluate how you’ve moved forward and turn inward.  Wait patiently and meditate, write and reflect.  


The Third Quarter Moon: After this short period of reflection, now is the time to readjust and fine-tune your actions.  See what has worked well and what hasn’t and make changes accordingly.  If something is not serving you, its time to let it go on all levels.  Its a great time to clean out your office, house or any other “clearing out” project.


The Balsamic Moon: This is the last phase of the moon before it becomes a New Moon again.  This signifies major RELEASE.  Focus on what you want to let go of in your life and set the intention.  

Working WITH the Moon will help you attract abundance, get in rhythm with your emotions and help your efforts and hard work blossom into fast-moving results!  Call on the ascended master Diana, known as the ancient Moon Goddess, to help you work with the Moon cycles and to attract abundance.  


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