Weekly Oracle Card Reading 1/6-1/12/14

Our first full week of January asks us to set the tone for the year! We begin the week with a request to set up a space in our home that will remind us to connect with Spirit every day. You can pray, meditate, write in a journal or just have a silent conversation knowing that your guides and angels are listening! This will help you tune into your intuition and open the doorway.

The middle of the week guides us to start splitting up our duties and ask for help! You don’t need to be in charge of EVERYTHING, nor do you have to do it all alone. In addition to asking your Heavenly Helpers, ask some people at home and at work to help you out as well.

The weekend tells us to have faith that any tough situations will be resolved. Take a step back and detach yourself from low energy exchanges that don’t serve you. Put your needs first and know you don’t have to fix everything.

We are reminded to take care of our bodies and make sure we’re getting plenty of rest. We deserve it! Love, light and blessings

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