Archangel Uriel speaks about 2014

I know the veil between dimensions is continuously thinning, as I find myself easily receiving more and more transcripts to post from all our Heavenly Helpers.  I feel a big push coming from then to make sure we start 2014 off on the right foot and set a positive and powerful tone.

Today I am sharing a message from Archangel Uriel, the “Light of God”, a wonderful angel to work with when you are developing your psychic seeing and knowing abilities.  He will shed light on any matter you request and gives you new ideas and insight.  His color is a bright, sunny yellow, and I often see yellow flowers and feel the sunlight on my skin when I ask his energy to blend with mine.

Here are the main points:

1) Treat roadblocks as opportunities to readjust.  Stop, reflect and ask (your intuition and God), “How can I do this better?
2) Stay in the present moment as much as possible.  Don’t worry about the future or you will miss out on the now.
3) Stay positive and don’t fall into worry (we have heard this many times before!)
4) The ethereal world is helping us with our desires.  However, we must do our part as well.
5) Make goals you can accomplish in short amounts of time.  Treat it as stepping stones.
6) The more you communicate, the more you will be able to see angelic message being delivered to you
7) What to expect from the seasons


Here is the message:

You have asked that I come but I have been here the whole time.  You are asking for guidance for all who see this message.  I am here to share our internal mission for 2014, as I am the angel of knowing and ideas.

This year you can go down two roads: the Road of Worry or the Road of Faith.  We urge you to go down the road of faith.  You must have faith in God, in us and in your heavenly spirits guiding you along.  Most importantly, you must have FAITH IN YOURSELF.  You are a part of God, and God is a part of you, as he is all living things, physical or ethereal.  When you doubt yourself, you are doubting God and you halt all good things that are coming to you.  

Many people will experience more ups than downs this year, but you must not let these downs hinder your progress.  If anything, they catapult you towards success, because our downs force us to stop, reflect and readjust.  They are like little adjustment we make. Embrace your seeming roadblocks as a friend, because they are just as valuable as any successes.  They do not reflect your inability to do something, but rather a need to stop, listen and wait.  

Divine Timing is more important this year than ever, and that will require patience on your part.  We ask that in order to improve your happiness, to stay as present as possible rather than always longing for a ”perfect” future, which takes away the power of the journey and will cause you to miss out on valuable experiences.  There are many longing to follow their dreams, and I want you to know we are setting this up for you.  However, you must start taking steps yourself.  Do not begin with major changes, as this is too jolting to your lifestyle, but rather make little changes in short periods of time, as if you were taking one step at a time up a steep, tall ladder.  

If you do this, you will find many opportunities coming your way.  You must follow your heart in these matters and never doubt your abilities.  You know that we will be with you and supporting you no matter what you choose.

Finally, I have one more message to pass on: when you feel an idea enter into your mind, notice how it makes you feel.  Does it make you feel happy?  If it does, then that is the idea we are sending you.  Follow through with it, and talk to us about it.  I assure you, we can always hear you.  

Springtime will, in its natural fashion, be a time of birth: a birth of new ideas, new love, new passion, new opportunities and this will continue into late summer.  Once summer is over, it will be a time to “face reality”, as you say.  You will have some decisions to make; ask us to guide you, and always listen to your center [solar plexus/intuition].

These last few months of winter [January-March] is a time to let go of the old–people who no longer serve your highest good, old views you have of yourself, and old ways of doing things.  This is a continuation of detoxification from the last six months.  Please continue to do so, and have faith that it is part of the process.  Set a few goals for yourself these next three months that will bring more balance into your life.  That is your current mission.

Never stop communicating with us, as this creates an open doorway, making it easier to transmit messages with each other.  We love you and are always with you. ~Uriel~

To see your 2014 Forecast, click on this link:

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