Weekly Oracle Card Reading 11/11-11/17/14

The beginning of the week asks you to take others out of the picture when making your decisions. You don’t need anyone else’s validation, just your own! The middle of the week asks you to make tough choices: choose what’s important to you and decide what doesn’t serve you anymore. You are, after all, growing and changing! The weekend asks you to be confident and at peace with your choices and your ever-changing self!
This video also includes tips to help you look within and get in touch with your Higher Self.

Weekly Reading 11/4-11/10/13

Watch your thoughts and stay positive at the beginning of the week. Be honest with yourself about your feelings, you don’t have to deny yourself! Ask for help and get extra rest in the middle of the week; there might be people who drain your energy. The weekend looks like you are spending time with a significant other, but mostly you are learning to love your spiritual side. Archangel Michael reminds us to keep our intentions positive during the weekend as well.

November Forecast

Here is your monthly oracle card forecast for November 2013!
This month is all about staying true to your heart’s desires and working towards making them reality! You have the ability to manifest everything and you just need to keep taking small steps, setting goals and organizing your thoughts and actions. Stay positive and believe in yourself! This month will be very busy, so don’t overwork yourself, have fun, get some rest and always ALWAYS ask for help.