Spirit Guides: Who They Are

Who are Spirit Guides?  When I was first developing my psychic abilities, one of the first things I learned was how to connect with spirit guides.  They are like spiritual mentors.  They keep you ”on track” to make sure you follow your soul’s life plan and purpose.  They offer you comfort and solace when you are feeling downtrodden and depressed.  They look out for you and try to keep you away from unhealthy situations whenever possible.  They always know what we are thinking and feeling.  They are ALWAYS around you, even when they are also in another place–spirits are not restricted by physical bodies, and therefore can be in multiple places at once!

Spirit Guides are not like angels, who were created by God to help souls.  Spirit Guides have lived at lease one life on Earth, which is why they make great guides–they know how difficult living on Earth can be!  They can be people we once knew in this life who have crossed over, although personally I find this rare.  Regardless, they love us very much, and nothing can change that, no matter what we do.

Before we decide to be born on Earth, we arrange in Heaven who will be our guides.  You could have one and the same spirit guide for your entire Earth life.  You may also have multiple spirit guides who come and go.  I have had several that I have known of who have changed depending on where I am in my life.  For instance, I had one recently ”take a step back” and a new one ”step in” as I advance further along my spiritual path.  I have had one help me in particular with my job of working with high school students.  I know their names, and speak with them frequently.  They give me the information I need about my own life, but never too much.  If we know everything about our futures, then we would never live in the now–that defeats the purpose of living!

Some psychics communicate with their guides all the time; some prefer communicating with angels.  To both your guides and your angels, it doesn’t matter who you decide to communicate more with, or whether its just with one and not the other.  These beings do not have egos like us; you are not hurting their pride or their feelings if you feel like communicating with one over the other.  They are thrilled either way.

You can see how to connect with your Heavenly beings and protectors in the ”How to Connect” post.  Remember they love you and are always around you, watching over you and helping you each and every day.  Remember to say ”thank you” to them and be grateful for their presence.

Light, love and blessings