A Message from Archangel Uriel just for the Children

Today I decided to automatic write, which is the art of letting Spirit write a message through you.  I close my eyes, center myself and have my hands ready at my keyboard as I ask which Angel would like to send teenagers a message today.  Immediately Archangel Uriel entered my energy field as did his beautiful yellow color.  I then asked him:

“Dear Archangel Uriel, what message would you like to tell Earth’s teenagers/adolescents?”

Thank you for asking and passing on this message.  I am Uriel, the Angel of ideas and inspiration.  I am the ‘’light of the God’’, which is the meaning of my name.  I am here to help you light the way when darkness is in your path.  So often youngsters worry about the direction they are headed in, and try to get rid of that worry by distracting themselves with outer pleasures.  I am here to tell you to stop worrying and be who you are.  You are always looking to others of how you should be, act and feel, when really the only example you need is inside yourself.  You are all creatures of God, the Source, the Creator, and therefore all come from the same place.  Understand that.  Understand that every single one of you comes from the same place, and therefore every one of you is perfect.  You could never not be perfect, and you could never not be loved.  You only need to look within yourselves to know what is right for you.  The only reason you get confused is because you are watching others too closely and trying to follow their example.  You are learning how to be secure about yourself.  Know that you will always be questioning yourself, but that is because you are always changing.  That is how you planned it to be.  You planned to grow.
The end of 2013 will be soon, and you will experience many changes.  Things that interested you will not interest you anymore.  You will feel a need to move on.  Embrace the change as it is a part of your growth.  Many of you are cynical, but that is a part of your nature.  Some will want to hold on to that cynicism, but others will look to hope.  We encourage all of you to look to us [angels] and ask us to be involved in your life.  We want to put ideas into your head.  Whenever you receive an idea out of nowhere, that is us trying to lead you down the right path.  Listen to your feelings, as they will tell you what is right and wrong for you. 
Please don’t worry about who you are and where you’ll end up.  That will weigh you down like an anchor strapped around both your legs, and you will not be able to move.  You will be stuck in fear and worry.  Simply be in the now, the present, for that is all that exists.  Be in love with yourself now, because that is all that matters.  Heaven loves you infinitely. 
If you ever need the way lit, call upon me to send you ideas.  You might not notice these ideas in an obvious way, but I am indeed sending them to you.  Simply ask and it is done; never doubt that.
Blessings my dear ones.  Be courageous and stand up for who you are.  

Archangel Uriel is one of my favorite angels to work with.  He is also known as Aretziel, Auriel, Nuriel or Phanuel in other languages.  He often holds a lantern in paintings as he is the “Light of God” and lights the way for others.  He sheds light inside our heads by giving us information, ideas and insights.  Whenever you need a solution, ask Uriel to light your way.   There is not a special incantation to do this!  Angels can hear all our thoughts and know what we mean.  “Uriel, I need to know what to do!” will do the trick!   Notice your thoughts for several days after you ask for his help and trust that ideas you suddenly get are being sent by the beautiful Archangel Uriel.  Wear, look at or imagine the color yellow to connect with him, or simply think of his name.  He loves you, as all the angels do!  uriel

Who are Angels?



Angels are beings of energy created just for us!  Their name comes from the Greek word ”angelos” which means ”messenger”; they are all messengers of the Divine.  They are made of pure love and devotion and are very eager to help us with our Earthly lives.  They consider us very brave to come to Earth where the energy is very heavy and fear based in order to learn lessons.

Often you feel Angels even though you don’t know it.  If you are sad and start to feel better, that is your Angels trying to take away your sadness and lift your spirits.  If you see a feather on the sidewalk, that is your Angels’ way of saying, “Hello, we are looking after you!  Here is a gift!”  However, since we have free will, the Angels will not interfere in our lives unless we ask them.  Therefore, merely thinking, “Angels, I could REALLY use your help right now!” will send them to you instantly.  The minute you think it, don’t second guess whether they are there or not because they ARE there without a doubt.

Angels help anyone who asks not only on Earth, but on other planets and star systems as well.  There are many types of Angels, and we all have at least one Guardian Angel who is with us always.  Whenever you feel upset, lost, afraid, angry or you have trouble making a decision, ask the Angels for help.  They love you and are so excited to be a part of your lives!